oktoberfest kielbasa

This afternoon David and I are going to our neighbor’s house for an Oktoberfest party. Having lived in an apartment downtown for three years in which our neighbors neither said hello nor made eye contact with us, this new phenomena of visiting with neighbors and spending what could be a few hours with them is still new and exciting. Of course, we have to bring something and so I thought I would make this super simple crockpot kielbasa that I learned from a college roommate.  Every superbowl in college, Kellyanne made this dish and we devoured it.  While the ingredients are simple and perhaps a little odd…I promise the tangy sweetness these slow cooked sausages get in the end is amazingly delicious!

For a medium to large pot of kielbasa, I usually purchase three. Slice them up thin and throw the slices into the crockpot bowl. Take two jars of chili sauce and two jars of grape jelly and empty the contents of the container over the top of the kielbasa. Mix the ingredients well. Turn the crockpot on low and cook (stirring occasionally) four -six hours.

The Big E

Have you ever eaten so much fried food in one day that you quietly listened at night to your heart hoping that your arteries wouldn’t slam shut?  That is life after attending the Big E.  Home of the biggest country fair in New England, the Big E is an amazing country fair held in West Springfield, MA. From the minute you walk through the entrance gate you are assaulted by laughter, cheering, and the delicious aroma of fried goodness.  The fair grounds is packed with the traditional carnival rides, games, and food. Add to this local agriculture showcases, farm animals, petting zoos and state specialties and delicacies housed in miniature replicas of the state houses and you have a truly spectacular Fall weekend!  It was our first time attending the fair and it definitely won’t be the last. David and I ate to our hearts content, shopped through the miles of craft and kitsch, and sped through our quarters like lightening as we tried to win carnival games!  How did it feel to be 12 again? Awesome!  However, for the rest of the week, we definitely need to only eat veggies!!

Warby Parker Trial

This week I discovered the company Warby Parker and immediately fell in love and sought out their free trial option. If you have not discovered this site and wear prescription glasses (or just want to wear glasses as an accessory), Warby Parker brings the latest, hippest styles to you for quite a reasonable price. Deep down inside, I desperately want to be a Hipster. Unfortunately, I have been too shy to try that look. Therefore, the Warby Parker trial option was perfect for me. I requested five pairs of glasses that I felt captured the hipster vibe and without fear I was able to try them on, walk around in them, and pretend that just maybe the inner hipster in me would come out and shine! Having spent hundreds of dollars at bigger named stores, Warby Parker’s style, market, and approach is a breath of fresh air! I highly recommend giving their website more than just a quick glimpse. I had so much fun this evening and maybe I’ll order one of these…maybe. Thoughts on which I should buy?

The Delivery from UPS

Crosby Greystone

Sinclair Greystone

Preston Sandelwood

Tenley Midnight Blue

Finn Revolver Black

separation anxiety

Today is my first day off since the end of summer.  A whole ten days have passed since the start of the school year.  During the summer, I get accustomed to being home alone and having long stretches of days without David. But on these days off that are scattered throughout the academic calendar like salt and pepper, I find myself missing David very much. Just ten days ago I was a pro at being home alone and filling my days with meaningful activity. Today, I find myself restlessly doing work for the week in my living room, listening to the “adult alternative” channel on my TV, and watching the clock until I can go and pick him up. While some may see this as codependency and frown upon my sentiments this afternoon, I don’t care. I am a sap. Perhaps, all of this disquiet I feel is a result of having had a wonderful weekend together. Fall weekends always leave me with that lingering longing for more time to just be together.