The wind has been howling outside my window since yesterday evening. Sleeping was challenging as I was awoken by the ceaseless bellowing. The disturbed sleep reminded me that a potential snow day might await in the morning if the wind was any indication of the intensity of the snow outside. At 3AM, I crept to the window, pulled the shades open, and evaluated the snow. Thick snowflakes fell in whiteout conditions. I noted the inevitability of the snow day to come and snuggled back down between the sheets for a few more hours until confirmation would arrive. The alarm sounded 5:45AM, and I bounded to my phone but no alert for a snow day!  I bemoaned the plight of shoveling the 7 inches of fallen snow and the long drive to school. Nerves gathered in the pit of my stomach as I considered my driving skills, my corolla’s maneuverability, and my personal inability to be “that teacher” that calls out on an “un-snow” day. Disappointedly, I headed into the shower and asked David to keep me posted, “Don’t hesitate to disturb my shower should news come in.” “Of course,” David said as he sent in his own “I will be working from home e-mail” to work.

Just as I wrapped up in my towel, David came in with a grin on his face, “You are home, babe!”  The utter delight left me ecstatic.  Not only could I avoid driving the treacherous roads, not only did we get a snow day, but our two week Spring Break starts now!  Oh, the irony of Spring Break starting with a snowstorm!  Of course, though on this day when I am enjoying my unexpected day off, I am also reminded of how amazing my students are. Within minutes of school being called off, I received the following e-mails that warmed my soul and made my really miss school today:

“Good morning Mrs. X this is my presentation I will not be attending school today thank you.”

“Since we don’t have school do you still want us to share our presentations with you? Do you want us to record ourselves and send it to you?”

“Since we have a snow day today, I thought that I should just share my prezi with you so that you have it. Hope that you have a nice vacation!”

It will be two weeks until I see these curious, thoughtful, hard-working young men and women.  While I will absolutely enjoy the time to myself and this time in whichScreen Shot 2013-03-08 at 9.47.22 AM I am not “Mrs. X” but just Melissa, not seeing them, not working with them, not observing their talents, answering their questions, watching their presentations, or facilitating their discussions will leave an emptiness to my day. I will miss the kiddos in the next 14 days plus 1 from this snow day!

boston blizzard part III {cardboard box sledding}

What do you do when you are snowed in and have a little hill in your backyard?

You go sledding of course!

We did not have a sled, so we had to improvise.  Our sled for the day was our television’s cardboard box. David went first and blazed the path and I was soon to follow.  We ran and jumped down the hill dozens of time.  It was a hilarious work-out.  At one point, our neighbor opened the window, and leaned out laughing hysterically at the two of us “sledding” in the yard. My legs hurt from climbing up the hill in the 30 inches of snow and my sides hurt from laughing by the time we finally made it indoors, shed our layers, and warmed up over hot cocoa.

boston blizzard part I

Thursday was madness. The news networks were projecting white out conditions and a blizzard that would rival the blizzard of ’78. I checked the weather channel obsessively at work.  Could a snowstorm this big really be heading for Boston? The focus in the classroom was nonexistent. What was scientific management and how did it revolutionize how stuff is made? The question hung in the air as the sixteen students turned meteorologists whispered predictions to one another about the “inevitability” of a snow day tomorrow. In that moment, I did not want to be the adult in the room.  I wanted to come around the table and join in the speculations about the inches of snow and when schooled would be called.  Of course, I did not give in to these temptations and played it off as though a blizzard was no big deal. I reminded the students that while a snow day may occur, that we were currently in school now and they had a test next week. This even sounded ridiculous coming out of my mouth!  They knew, and I knew, that while we did work, we were all still thinking about the snow.

The end of the day came and it felt like the day before Christmas or perhaps the day before summer vacation. We said good-bye as though we were not going to see each other for a long time and headed as fast as we could home. I stopped on the way home for groceries.  Whole Foods was wild!  People were snatching everything they could off the shelves. I went in with a set list of snacks, comfort foods, and dinner ingredients we would need for a long weekend snowed in.  But, in the madness of the aisles, I felt my rational, list-centered mind go rogue as I too started knocking items into my basket as though the end of the world were approaching and this would be the last loaf of bread I would ever get my hands on. Avoiding accidents in the parking lot, I got David at the T stop and we raced home…for the next three days.

Friday morning the snow fell slowly and lightly to the ground. We shoveled once and mostly relaxed.  Reading, writing, a little bit of work, and a whole lot of snuggling with hot beverages occupied our day. We were delighted to be snowed in together. It was not until this morning when we woke that the full magnitude of the snow struck. Twenty four inches and counting lay on the ground. Part of us wanted to stay in all morning, let the snow fall and pile and pile up.  But, our little puppies needed to go out.  Gosh, I wish they were potty trained, haha!  So this is what the morning looked like for us….


not a snow day

This morning I woke with great anticipation of a snow day from school.  As you have heard before, I love my job and I know it is a super special place to call my home away from home….but there is something that is magical about waking up to a snow day!  Giddy, I peeked out the window this morning on the way to the shower, but it was obvious that the accumulation would not warrant one of these magical days home to cozy up on the couch next to David (let’s be real, if I got a snow day he would SO “work from home” too). Braving the slick, snowy streets, we headed out…