vanilla milkshake, the latest craving

It seems like it has been a few months since I could pinpoint a craving. Yes, I am always hungry but I have yet to send David out in the middle of the night to grab me this or that. Nor have I eaten the same meal or snack for multiple days in a row. The first trimester was my craving center. From spicy pad thai to pickles, I needed these items and craved them but rarely did I actually give in to my desires on a daily basis. Instead, I would distract myself with something I hoped would be a healthy alternative and move on.

Unfortunately, 9 months later that early craving bug has kicked back in and this time it doesn’t like to be distracted or denied! Vanilla Milkshakes have become my calling. I think about them probably 90% of the day (especially since I am home from school now and impatiently waiting for this little one). I think about the next one I am going to have, the one that I am currently having, and then ponder which of my milkshakes has been the ultimate shake. While I am a bit worried about the fat and sugar content, my baby brain keeps telling me “Hey it’s calcium.”  With about 1 week to go until the little man’s arrival, I am going to give into this craving. How much damage can it do me at this point??  (Yes, I am very skeptical too about this).

Regardless, it seems my baby (and/or just me) is in the need of some TLC that can only come in the form of a vanilla milkshake. Cheers to you baby!


2 scoops of vanilla ice cream

1/2 cup of non-fat milk

1/2 teaspoon of vanilla

Mix all ingredients into a blender, pour into your favorite glass, and enjoy!

spicy pork & mustard green soup

My cravings primarily come in two categories: salty and spicy. I find myself picking the spiciest item on the menu or adding drizzles of Sriracha sauce to everything (including my lunchtime salads!). This little dude has a “hot” tooth and I find myself giving in to it every day.  Thankfully,David already was a spicy food eater otherwise this latest phase of food cravings would be miserable for him. I sort of want to try a chicken wing eating contest with him now to see who can handle the hottest of hot. Prior to the baby-to-be, I wasn’t a lightweight when it came to spice but I definitely feel a new level of spice competency! It is my latest “super power” perhaps?

Last night for dinner in order to tap into this craving, we cooked up a spicy pork and mustard green soup from Bon Appetit. With David helping as my sous chef, cleaning the greens and dicing the scallions, the dinner from beginning to end took no longer than 20 minutes to make. Super easy, spicy, and flavorful my craving was satiated….for now. (Though a drizzle of Sriracha really added just that little bit extra I needed).

Screen Shot 2014-02-25 at 9.00.20 AM

things only pregnant women think…

Screen Shot 2014-02-10 at 2.27.44 PM

My thoughts have been consumed by food this week. When will I eat lunch? What is for lunch? Is there a snack in the faculty room? Can I convince David to go out for Thai food tonight? Will there be enough dinner to share between the two of us? These are just a few of the questions I ask myself multiple times everyday. It is clear that my body is busy busy busy growing this little boy and that my stomach and appetite have not yet been affected by a constrained size but have rather been enhanced by my new maternal burden. Whenever I see someone eating, even if it is just someone passing by in a car, my stomach is triggered and I am immediately famished! Full and content one moment, the smell of food can instigate hunger pangs instantly. It has gotten to the point that I sometimes have to stop myself and say, “Whoa…are you really hungry or are you just being a food-crazed pregnant woman right now?” Typically the answer to the question is the latter. When I am able to reflect past my hunger mood swings, I am left laughing from my ridiculous food thoughts. The other afternoon for example, I walked out of my classroom and there on the ground in the hallway was one lone gummy bear. He stared up at me with his delicious gummy self and I felt compelled to bend down and gobble him up. There I stood deeply conflicted. I wanted to clean up the gummy bear from the floor in order to keep the school tidy, but what if I was unable to stop myself from eating the gummy bear once I bent down to pick it up!? Clearly I restrained myself but laughing I was left thinking, “This is clearly only something that a pregnant woman thinks!”