from 1 to 2

Everyone always says, “Going from one to two is the hardest” and…

They are right!

Of course most of the time being a family of four is just beautiful and magical. When Henry cuddles up to his brother or kisses his forehead or does “tummy time” with little Owen, my heart just explodes. When I am tucking Henry into bed and holding Owen in my lap for story time, I could stay in that moment forever.

The hardest part is the random times in the day when you just don’t have enough hands: Henry wants a cuddle or a snack while Owen is nursing. I keep telling myself it has only been three weeks and  not to get too worried about this dilemma. It will settle itself and we will find our family rhythm, but I just wish I had two more hands so I could be all things to both boys and then I wish I had one more set of hands so I could fold laundry and roast vegetables, haha!

It is amazing how these two boys come from the same momma and daddy and yet are already very different (I think). Henry is pale and Owen olive. Henry is slender and Owen rotund. Henry is sensitive and Owen seems to be made of tough stuff. Comparison is the fastest way to unhappiness, no? Yet, I promise that my comparison of the two little dudes in my life will stop here because I just want to savor and love and observe their unique personalities and see what paths they take in life (but, I am sure that desire to compare will show up from time to time).

What might be the hardest part of all is that Owen doesn’t speak. It has been a LONG time since we had a little one in the house who wasn’t babbling about all day. I just want to know Owen more and hear what his little voice is like, but we will have to be patient for a few months until we get a glimpse of that personality and see what kind of songbird this child is. Until then, when I hear “The Sound of Silence” on the radio by Disturbed, I imagine that that deep husky voice is Owen’s.

So while this period is full of unknowns and curiosities, it is also full of quiet moments (though brief), lots of cuddles, and lots of learning on this mommy’s part on how to develop and hone in on my patience and living in the moment.

Screen Shot 2016-05-03 at 3.46.06 PM

Owen Edward: 2 Weeks

Weighing in at 9lbs 10oz little Owen is ALMOST as big as Henry was on the day Henry was born!  It is crazy because when I look at Owen he seems so big now and Henry was that big on day 1, WHAT!?!  Crazy!


These two weeks with Owen have been fantastic.  He is the cutest little baby and my heart just keeps on growing each and every day to love him more and more. Owen is definitely an “easy baby.” Of course, easy is relative to the parents’ I believe, but he is so chill during the day. We are able to pick him up and pack up for a day out and about. Owen has gone out to lunches and dinners, visited with friends and family, and gone to the playground to watch his big brother a handful of times. When I was this far out with Henry, I was SO scared to leave the house. Just getting down the stairs to the garage felt like an epic journey. So getting out at least once each day at this point feels very exciting and has given me some really great confidence as a mommy to two boys. And as we close out on day 14, Owen is more and more awake to explore the immediate world around him. His beautiful little brown eyes will scan my face and I cannot help but cuddle up close to him and kiss every inch of his baby face.


What does a day look like at our home?

We are typically awake by 5AM and then head in to play with Henry in his room for at least an hour. Mornings tend to be slow as David and I alternate showers and head downstairs to cook up some breakfast. Then we aim to have a little morning outing. This past weekend, we went to Drumlin Farm with friends and I find that it takes a good 30  minutes prior to our set departure time to get everything packed for the day and to have the boys pottied and fed for the car ride! The philosophy of our lives right now is to get out the door in one piece with as little bulk as possible. It has taken about two weeks to figure out what we really need and what can stay home and how to keep all the boys’ things in a single lightweight diaper bag. We are back home by 12:30 for lunch time and Henry’s nap and this is when Owen is most awake. It’s so sweet to have a little alone time with Owen and to whisper sweet nothings in his ear while his brother naps. In the evenings, I am pretty tired from the day and still feel drained from the physical toll of labor and delivery and aim to keep things slow and simple for the healing process having us stay close to home until bedtime with the boys.


Owen sleeps pretty well. We get a long stretch of time asleep from 8PM-Midnight and then after that it depends. Some nights he sleeps for two-hour increments and some nights only one-hour increments (which leaves me very very tired by 5AM). Thankfully David has been home these two weeks to help in the morning and to encourage me to take naps when I can during the day even though my mommy guilt tells me to go go go. My big worry is when David goes back to work and I have to be everything to these two little ones. Of course, I want this but I am worried if I am able to do it. Fingers crossed for me please!


Even though I am tired, and even though we are still adjusting to our life with two little ones, these two weeks have been some of my most favorite in my life. David has kept me smiling and is the most playful sweet father I could ever imagine having as a partner. It is really wonderful being loved by and loving three men!



That time my brother came for a visit!

SoCal is SO far from Boston! And this makes me sad because it means we cannot see my brother and his family as often as we would like. Ah, if only they would move to the east coast! But, of course the weather is too nice out there and the winters of Boston are not tempting enough. So instead of seeing each other every week and growing tired of one another, we savor our short visits. 

This visit may have been the shortest. A mere 4 hours was our window. My brother flew in Friday night and had to catch a 5PM flight back on Saturday. But when your sibling comes to town, you drop everything and race in to see him. We packed up Henry and squeezed my parents into the car and into town we went.

The weather was amazing! Typically it would be in the 30s and miserable to walk around but today (because my bro was in town) Boston held firm at 60! We had lunch, walked through the North End and along the sea wall, checked out the new Boston Public Market, watched the harbor seals at the aquarium, and window shopped in Faneuil Hall. Henry thoroughly enjoyed laughing with his uncle and sneaking bites of cannoli.

It hurt to say goodbye after such a short visit, but I am so thankful we got to see my brother today. It truly was a special!


winter weekends

You know that song “everybody’s working for the weekend?” Since having my little guy, that tacky 80s lyric rings so true. I just cannot get enough time with my family. There is something so beautiful about a lazy, casual few days home with my people. They reinvigorate me and remind me of what all of my hard work during the week is for.

This past weekend was lovely. We napped, did some Christmas errands, danced like maniacs around the house, cooked, snuggled, played, and strolled around a holiday market. It was full but easy.

December is truly my favorite time of year (despite the ungodly traffic). David’s birthday is soon, then Christmas, my birthday, and the new year. Cold weather brings us closer and parties bring out the cheer. It would be nice to slow down my favorite month just a bit though.

Tonight I am going to take a stab at some homemade holiday cookies and then it’s time to get serious about knitting and a little fitness. Yes, I am one of those resolution types but I always like to start mine before the new year. Somehow it makes me feel like I am more committed to change.

What is your favorite part of this time of year?


A lifetime ago

I have been a delinquent blogger. The start of the school year hit me harder than I anticipated. It took almost two months to feel like a “pattern” set in and perhaps this is a result of not yet having a full five day week! Isn’t that crazy? But not until the week of October 26 will I have a full five day week. So each shortened week flies by in a blur of activity, grading, lesson planning, adapting, adjusting, life, family, life, and life! How is it that the start of year seven could feel as uncomfortable as the start of year one?! Teaching is a humbling profession. Somehow though I finally feel a little less frantic and settled and will return to updating this here ole blog more regularly!

So what have we been up to?


Once upon a tween 

When I found out that our niece Alyza was coming to visit us for two weeks, I was excited and scared! What do you do with a preteen for two weeks? Do you play dress up or talk about boys? Do you go to the playground or sunbathe at the beach? Not-quite-a-teenager-but-still-a-kid is a tough age. I remember it and I remember not liking it. So how do we make the most of this visit?

Turns out preteens are sort of awesome! She talked about boys, toys, life goals, growing up, friends, bullies, playgrounds, drama, dreams, and everything in between! She was playful with Henry but enjoyed having “grown up” conversations too. It was quite a great visit. Each day we did some little adventure. A visit to the water park, city, lake, or mall to name a few. My favorite times were when we were all together hanging out at the zoo or our fancy date family date night. Two weeks flew by and our super cool niece had to head home. Now we just need to work on getting her back here!