family love

It was cold….really cold. But the crisp air and the Fall colors were a tremendous backdrop for some family photos this past weekend. Our friend, Lyndsay from Red Wagon Images hosted a mini-session for our little “Mama Tribe.”

What is a Mama Tribe?

According to my students it would be defined as your squad, your people. These mamas keep me company on this long journey of motherhood. From sharing the best and worst moments to laughing at first mom mishaps, these ladies make sure I don’t take myself too seriously and that I enjoy the everyday moments with my growing family. They keep me sane, laughing, curious, excited, and supported. From sunrise to sunset and all through the night, I know there is a mommy in our group that I can turn to. Because when you are all up in the middle of the night nursing a baby or watching a monitor to see if maybe, just maybe, the little one will fall back to sleep, you get really close to one another!

Lyndsay met us all at Callahan State Park and the cold could not keep us from smiling and hugging close to our loved ones as Lyndsay captured some of my absolute favorite photos ever! ¬†Spoiler alert….one of these will be our Christmas card.