Pottery Shop

Welcome to the Foster & Feed Pottery Gallery.

What is small batch ceramics? A variety of handmade, much loved clay creations. Each is different from the other: forms from clay, representing the curiosity and creative process of the creator, and its bumps or lumps make it uniquely special to the maker.

I have NEVER thought of myself as a maker and have often actively dismissed that possibility. But, in getting my hands into the clay, I am learning more about the process of bringing usable, purposeful, and beautiful (maybe only to me) pieces.

Each piece that comes from the Foster & Feed studio has been hand-made, either on the wheel or hand-built, one-at-a-time so that no two pieces are ever exactly alike. Products are always food, dishwasher and microwave safe, and are ready for use in any home.

You can email me at fosterandfeed@gmail.com with the # of the piece you are interested in. Click on the piece and the caption will include an identifying number per piece. Each piece listed below is $15.00 plus shipping.