The beginning of the wait update

So here we are day 5,929 of our great baby wait. At least that is how it feels sometimes. Throughout this pregnancy our medical team has pumped me up with hopes of an early delivery: we will have to induce you for the baby’s size, we will have to monitor you for your thyroid, we will have to induce you for fears of shoulder dystocia, we will have to monitor your sugar levels. All these little “red flags” that were tacked onto my appointments gave me the hope that perhaps this time, my baby would come early instead of weeks late. But, this little dude is quite comfortable and each concern sheds away with each passing day. From “let’s just get you to 35 weeks,” we are now hearing, “you can go all the way to 42 weeks!” And, yes I am delighted. I am thankful that we are healthy and that our complication risks are minimizing. I am thrilled that throughout the long months of gestation this little guy and my body got stronger and more adaptable.

BUT, I am SO ready to meet him. Henry and David talk about the little one all the time, and play in his room, and read books about the baby arriving. We have EVERYTHING ready to go from crib to carseat to clothes to burp cloths, to that dreaded double stroller. And now we wait. My new feeling is that instead of an April baby, this little dude is holding out for May, haha. So what am I doing to avoid the painful staring at my belly?

The potty training chronicles are on-going and have been an oddly welcomed distraction!  Henry is doing really well with it too. Almost all of his activities make it to the bathroom and he is getting better and better at telling us. It is really sweet to put him in “big boy undies” and see him playing downstairs and having so much fun. I no longer see him as a “ticking time bomb” waiting to ruin my couch! This weekend to keep our minds busy we are planning to head downtown for a little visit to the North End and some touristy sight-seeing because WHO KNOWS when we will be able to do that again once the new member joins us and on Sunday I am going to my first fitness conference with my fellow coach Nikki. It feels like this mix of teaching, mothering, and coaching is just what I need in life these days. I am busy, and motivated, and feeling strong and healthy (although definitely achy by night fall, I cannot lie that this belly is a burden by the end of the day!). David always has hobbies to keep him busy and to keep him from spinning his wheels. When I was pregnant with Henry it was the summer and I felt very lonely just waiting for Henry to arrive and eventually  I felt crazed. But this time, while the wait isn’t fun (because come on little guy don’t you want to meet earth-side already!?!?!) it is much much more manageable with everything that fills my life and day and I am so thankful to feel like I have real ownership over my day.

Screen Shot 2016-03-31 at 8.21.22 AM.

Potty Training Chronicles: Day 2 & 3

We are now three days into our “potty training.” It is going much better than I expected it to. Day 2 Henry and I stayed home and while this was the hardest part for me, he seemed to not mind at all. He played and played and told me when he wanted to use the facilities. The only issue I had was with the looming inevitable: how do we transfer this outside? It was “easy” to stay home and have the little dude run around the house bottomless and then hop on and off the potty as needed, but how do you tackle the world!?!  It felt very daunting on Day 2 and so even though every inch of my skin crawled to do something outside and to go somewhere fun with the little one, my fear held me back. It also helped that it was rainy outside and really where could I go? By the end of the second day, Henry had “mastered” shouting “poopie!” and running from whatever toy or craft we were in the midst of to the potty. It was hilariously cute. There was only 1 accident on day two because we got really involved into a puzzle and were working with color groupings and you know sometimes when you get TOO into something you just pee yourself, no?

Screen Shot 2016-03-26 at 3.09.57 PM

Day 3 was going to be the true test! We had registered for an Egg Hunt in the neighboring town. Could we go? Should we skip and shelter at home during this potty training storm? David and I went back and forth and finally decided “Hey, if he has an accident it is okay, accidents happen and it’s totally fine if this potty training experience is just the first of many attempts.” So we packed up our things and headed to the hunt. Henry used the potty before we left and while hunting for eggs, I asked him if he needed to and he said yes! WHAT? Where do I go? I raced him (as fast as my preggo body could) to the bathroom and Ta da he did it! Henry ate some snacks at the church and then we headed home. Upon arrival he did the potty again! Okay, MAYBE he really was ready for this. Of course during naps and at nighttime he wears a diaper because we don’t expect him to be able to hold it while he sleeps but I am really excited about having had our first venture out of doors! Hopefully as we head back to work this week, we can keep the momentum going even though we know that the arrival of baby 2 might bring about a big regression in this potty business, it is fine. We are trying to stay as casual about it as we can and just trying to follow Henry’s lead.  And, yes we might be using a little ice cream to reward this awesome work!

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Potty Training Chronicles: Day 1

My brother and sister-in-law have been sending their littles to Montessori preschool for a number of years now and the school’s facilities and education philosophy is totally in line with what I want for my little guy. So over this Spring Break, I started to visit some local Montessori schools to get a sense of what is available in our neighborhood. While touring the toddler rooms, I asked them about their potty training philosophy and each school said similarly that they support offering the potty to the little ones each day at school as part of the “curriculum.” This meant that the little ones had the opportunity to sit on the potty, play on the potty, and go to the potty throughout the day based on their interest and/or need. When I shared that Henry enjoyed sitting on his little potty (which has just been in his room since around Christmas) and that occasionally he will even go, the teachers all agreed that it sounded like he was “ready” to give it a real try. WHAT!?! You mean my little baby was ready perhaps for this BIG step. What if his mommy wasn’t ready?

Of course, David heard this and jumped right on board. He is always SO aware of where Henry is and is always ready to give things a try. I am definitely the more hesitant parent. David was the impetus behind the binky and bottle weaning and now he was all about the potty. We went out and bought a potty seat for the big potty, got some pull-ups, and some underpants and agreed that since I was home on Spring Break we would give it a shot. David tried to pump me up with praise and encouragement the morning he left. If he was home, I would have felt confident trying this, but as the hesitant parent, I was scared and wondered, “would David ever really know if I just decided not to do this?” Of course, my hesitation was all my own and it wouldn’t serve Henry any good to put that on him. So I grabbed the potty, kept him bottomless all day, and went for it. Besides, I have dogs so I am accustomed to cleaning up accidents. Worse case scenario he wasn’t ready and I would clean up some accidents and call it a day.

Surprisingly, or not surprisingly, Henry did really well for Day 1. He didn’t seem to notice that he was bottomless and played like he usually did. We did lots of puzzles and lots of books and lots of trucks. I kept water and milk available to him all day, and asked him every 20 minutes if he wanted to go potty. About every hour to an hour and a half he would say “Poopie” and run to the potty. Sometimes he just sat there and sometimes something happened. The day flew by (probably because every hour something “exciting” was bound to happen). Even when our little friend Miles and his momma came by to play, Henry was still interested in sitting on the potty and even did something (wink wink). At the end of the day, he had 2 accidents but 10 successful visits and had left his mommy totally shocked that maybe he was in fact “ready.” Now the only challenge is committing to a few more days at home to keep supporting his successes. As a busy body this is the HARDEST part of potty training. I like to go go go and typically avoid being home. I would rather run from playground to playdate, but maybe potty training is coming at the PERFECT time. With just 2ish weeks until baby two joins the family, this “forced stay at home time while your little guy practices his potty techniques” isn’t too terrible after all.

I may have given him a pedicure with all our time at home! 


36 weeks & counting

How is it that every month has roughly 30 days and then the last month of pregnancy has 5,435 days! I am not a patient person and this wait killed when it was Henry’s turn and it is just as hard the second time. You would think I would have learned?

And it’s Spring Break which is such a blessing and curse for this mama. Clearly the timing is amazing because I should be relaxing and taking some time off my feet because before I know it this house is going to be VERY different. But I really struggle with empty space. I am notorious for filling up my calendar with a dozen errands and chores and trips and visits. The first day of spring break alone I plowed through most of my two week long to-do list by tackling the basement clean-up, Henry’s closet organization, baby room set-up, and hospital bag packing. I guess the bright side of this is that now there is very little to do and I am forced to confront my free time as it stands…free time. Seriously, this is not a problem because it is such a glorious gift but I need to really practice some mediation to help calm my frantic energy that wants to go go go. I am going to dedicate this time off then to centering and spending quality time with Henry without racing him from one thing to the next. These may be our final weeks as a mama, papa, kiddo triumvirate so I better savor it now before it totally passes me by!

Screen Shot 2016-03-15 at 3.06.52 PM

Here is a little glimpse at the room all set up and ready to greet our newest member!

Screen Shot 2016-03-15 at 3.07.01 PM

Is he really going to be this tiny? It feels so good having the hospital bag packed just in case, although NO ONE thinks I am going to go early except for me (and maybe my OB). That is what happens when baby 1 is so delayed, everyone around you just keeps reminding you of it.

Screen Shot 2016-03-15 at 3.06.42 PM

I probably can’t afford a daily Lush bubble bath until baby, but I can squeeze in a few  between now and baby. It was a glorious reminder that when I can shut down my brain there is beauty in the silence.

Screen Shot 2016-03-15 at 3.07.12 PM

But, I am so excited to start the next few days home with my littlest man! It is going to be great to just snuggle this peanut and maybe even sneak him off to lunch with Daddy downtown (yup, there I go again planning out our days!).

Screen Shot 2016-03-15 at 3.07.22 PM

And then this little one joins the party and it is SO crazy to see him because I feel like I know him and yet he is our greatest mystery.