“Fancy” apps

We have had a lot of friends and family visit to see the new house. It is always so hard to think of apps to serve that are easy to put together (because hello two babies!) and also yummy. We might have a winner!

Prosciutto, ricotta, pita

And cucumber, corn, goat cheese tortilla

They are light, easy to put together and they look fancy which is the best part! 

New house love

One week ago, we moved in to our new house. It feels like we have been here a whole lot longer! Maybe it was spending the holiday here that cemented this location into our family or just the hectic first week which “settled” us in. Regardless, this place is starting to feel like home and there are very few items of discontent here. We are getting accustomed to the quiet and the space of this “country” feel and I never want my winter break to end. Can I just hibernate with my hubs and littles here until spring?