Happy 2019!

We might have gone to bed around 9:30PM last night, which I know is totally lame, but we did wake up early and watched the sunrise on the first day of 2019. I am excited for the next 365 days and to see all the ways this little family of mine continues to grow and explore together.

Over breakfast we chatted with the boys about how sometimes people like to set goals for the year ahead and if they had any in mind for themselves:

Henry “to play legos, ride my bicycle, learn to tie shoes, and do dishes.” Hahahahaha um….yes to all of those particularly the dishes one!

Owen: “to read books, go fishing, and ride my bicycle.” Yes yes yes! Let’s definitely get outside and try new things.

David: “to foster relationships, to not check his phone in the middle of the night when he wakes, and embrace vulnerability”

Me: “to keep making pottery, be actively engaged in with my family, to positively encourage and love those around me”

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