A year ago….

A year ago today, David was celebrating his 35th birthday. He packed up his entire family and was set to move from our first home together into our new place. It was an exciting time but it also meant that this promise we had made to each other to “adventure” somewhere in the world every BIG birthday would be side-stepped. Instead of grabbing tickets, suitcases, and a plane ride and hopping off in some exotic new place like we did with our 30th birthdays, we would be staying within the boundaries of Massachusetts. This would not be 10 days in France or a week in Amsterdam. It would be a stressful packing up of our entire lives with two kids and then unpacking and trying to establish some normalcy before the holidays. I felt excited for the new chapter, the new home, and the new things that it would bring, but also I felt a little sad that we so quickly changed the birthday plans we had just a few years earlier laid out with such delight. David’s birthday was the one that confronted this dilemma of “plans.” But he never voiced disappointment over the change. I do very much believe we will get back to those plans  of traveling far far away for special birthdays, especially as the boys get older and we settle more and more into our lives in our new place. But on this birthday one year later, I just want to say a little thank you to David for being so open minded and open hearted to our local adventure. This year has been magical, hilarious, intense, and sweet. I love you so much David, not just because loving you is easy but also because you make love so central to our everyday, and I hope this birthday marks a new adventure in the year to come!

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