Two and half is a hoot!

Henry is so chatty and he just says the silliest things lately. I want to just curl up next to him on the bean bag on his floor and listen to him chat about his world. 

“I got a good idea!” –before typically asking to watch tv or when he wants David to read him Tintin in french.

“Mema always says no no no” — when reflecting on not getting his way

“Let me go tell Bella” — clearly the dog will be excited about a pee pee in the toilet

“Put this on my birthday list” — when seeing any toy ever

“It’s me Henry!” — when you ask him how he knew something 

“You clean up mommy” — because why wouldn’t mommy do it?

“I love you so so so so much” — some many moments in the day (the best moments)

“And the nose” — when david taps his nose with his toothbrush before bed

“The piggy song” –when he is stalling before bed and requesting random, made-up songs with protagonists whose actions we sing to the sound of abc song.

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