working out

If I am being totally honest, I promised myself that by this time in my post-baby journey, I would be active, running, eating only the healthiest foods on earth, and gearing up to run a half-marathon in February. The struggle though is REAL.

Aside from a sporadic barre class, a random jog, or a few trots around the first floor chasing after Henry, I have not met my goals or expectations AT ALL. Life has gotten in the way of life, and I find myself delighted when the kiddos go to bed at 7PM and slip into my pajamas, glide under the covers, turn to David and say good night before 8PM. At the same time, who am I? This early bird, exhausted husk life isn’t ideal. I miss reading books before bed, cooking meals greater than what I slap together from pre-cooked parts, and I miss feeling energized by my workout routine.  The part that I miss the most is the “routine.”  Once the wheels are turning it is hard to slow them down, but I just can’t seem to get those wheels turning!

Okay so how do I get moving, literally?  In the past, it has been very motivating to put it out there. To share my goal and then to feel accountable to it in this big scary world of sharing.  Here it goes:


  • Prepare meals that will nourish my family and give our bodies the good stuff
  • Workout 3 times a week
  • Run that 1/2 marathon in February come hell or high water!

Maybe if I set these before the trend of New Years Resolutions, I will be more invested by the time that season rolls around.

“The Real Virtue of Setting Goals is Not Recognition or Reward, It’s the Person we Become by Finding the Discipline and Courage.”  May this mantra keep me going!


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