It might have been a little chilly, but walking through the Grist Mill in Sudbury on a crisp Fall morning was nothing short of autumnal bliss. I am dreading the icy temps of winter and the mountains of snow that are inching their way near, but this time of year is truly my absolute favorite. David always says he wants to sleep outside in a hammock to savor the colors and climate. Between eating everything pumpkin and taking the boys out to play in the leaves, it just feels sweet and magical and I wish this all lasted a bit longer. Henry has been collecting leaves on every outing and wants to run with socked feet through our yard hollering with sticks and rocks and Owen watches on and laughs at his brother’s play. It took a while to get to this “sweet” spot of tackling two babies. But, we made it and it is awesome. And as I type that I am sure things will inevitably change yet again!  Until then, I will soak up this sweetness and love on these photos we captured this week with our friend Lyndsay.


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