honey pot apple picking

The Fall is my absolute favorite time of year. Each year it somehow gets better. The weather is divine (so my hair looks awesome). And there is so much going on in New England. Each weekend towns are throwing festivals, fairs, and farmers markets. Just as the temperatures dip, the community comes alive as it is ready to embrace the change of season. It is truly fantastic to be in New England in the Fall. The traditions alone make each weekend excursion SO much fun. I am a little behind on updating the blog with some photos of our activities but last weekend we headed out to apple pick with our friends and their babies. We had never been to Honey Pot Orchard but we knew we wouldn’t be disappointed. Because you cannot have an apple orchard in New England without: apples, apple cider donuts, and farm animals.  The three keys to a toddler’s world being blown! And, as expected, Honey Pot Orchard delivered beautifully in these areas.  It was crowded but the orchard is SO big that we felt alone among our little groups of toddlers and parents wandering from tree to tree. And, this was the first orchard in which to gain access to the delicious fruit, one must climb a ladder to do so. It was quite a fun experience having previously only picked from what amounted to apple bushes. Climbing the trees and tossing apples down to David and vice versa added to the mystique of apple picking. As soon as we got home, I made an apple pie from scratch. My very first and it was so delicious. It was truly the perfect end to a lovely Fall afternoon.

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