grilling in

What is better than a solid cookout in the summer? Not much!

David is our head grill-master, and he has been taking charge over some delicious main courses. Our latest and greatest was definitely this whole grilled chicken. I learned that de-boning a whole chicken is a little gross and very messy. But the end result was superb!

As with most (if not all) grilling recipes it is simple, fast, leaves behind little mess to clean up!

Take a whole chicken and cut it into pieces: wings, thighs, legs, breast. In a bowl mix together two tablespoons vinegar, 6 gloves of diced garlic, 1/4 cup olive oil, teaspoon paprika, teaspoon salt, teaspoon of pepper and coat the chicken rubbing it into the skin. Let us sit in the marinade for 30 mins up to overnight. Grill the chicken for about 25 minutes in both sides or until thermometer read 165 for each piece. Some pieces (i.e. Breasts) will take longer to cook.

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