my health challenge: becoming a coach

About 4 years ago, David and I were walking to Coolidge Corner and talking about how restless I was, (restlessness is what I always called it until my friends Laura and Kaelin pinpointed it as anxiety). Why was I so restless all the time? Things were going well and I was happy, but my energy was just off. As we got closer to our destination, our favorite pizza place, David started asking what I was passionate about. I drew a blank. Obviously I was passionate for my family and friends and passionate about being an educator. The list ended there. David has always been immersed in dozens of hobbies. From chess to locking picking to trumpeting and guitar, David is never at a loss for new interests and personal development. What do I do in my free time other than stare at David, lesson plan, and drink coffee, I wondered. Desperate to find a hobby or a personal development tool that was separate from work, I started to knit. It was a fun activity, especially in the cold New England winters, but the repetitive activity was so relaxing that I often fell fast asleep after a handful of knits and purls. It was therefore quite short-lived.

What I love to do most in life is coach, cheerlead, facilitate. It is why I am a teacher. I love working with others to make their goals, to acquire skills, and to achieve something they never thought possible. Working through writing assignments, debate protocols, projects, and quizzes, one-on-one is my absolute favorite and it is the one place where all that restlessness quiets. The celebrations are huge as an educator: students finishing a course feeling confident, getting that grade they thought would be unreachable, and graduating fill me with complete pride. It is an honor to be a part of their journey. How do I continue these experiences into my personal life beyond the insular confines of my immediate family? Could this somehow translate into something else?

After completing the 21 Day Fix Challenge through Beach Body with my fantastic coach Jenna, I have decided to become a Beach Body coach myself. Crazy, right!?!? I am nervously excited. I have never, ever done something like this. Yes, I share a lot of social media but sharing my fitness, nutrition, and personal growth in this raw way is going to be tough. Why become coach then? Why not just continue to do challenges on my own in a challenge (accountability) group?

Why am I doing this? This is my why, the greatest motivations I have for starting this new endeavor:

  1. To have fun! This is an awesome program and I love doing it
  2. To support others in their physical fitness and well being
  3. To cheerlead for you and your successes
  4. To build a community of  excited individuals to share experiences and motivate one another
  5. To continue to push myself to be fit and not lose momentum
  6. To be held accountable to my challengers and coaches
  7. To grow personally and professionally by actualizing a healthy mind and body
  8. To get to know more people through this community and to work with that community to practically tackle health and wellness
  9. To be inspired everyday #fitspiration
  10. To help support my family more and to demonstrate strong nutritional and fitness behaviors to my family

Wish me luck! I hope there are individuals out there who will trust me to care for them as they set personal fitness and nutrition goals. I hope these individuals will be open to my support, open to my determination and cheerleading, and open to the program. The 21 Day Fix program truly helped me feel strong. After having Henry, I assumed that my new mom-bod was it. I would love my new mom-bod with all of its curves and softness. But, there was a part of me that wondered, if I could refocus my energy on fitness and change my diet without having to give up on my time with my family. Could I make time for me and keep my time with them? Yes. Can I help others find this balance and find themselves achieving their goals? I will work my very hardest to do that!

If you are interested in learning more about the 21 Day Challenge or in joining my first challenge group starting on July 27, please e-mail me at or leave a comment below.

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