My health challenge 07

 Today marks the end of the 21 day challenge. Results: five pounds lighter and a whole heck of a lot stronger. I feel more flexible, more energetic, and definitely more tough. When I started the program, I hoped I would finish it, I hoped I would like it, and I really hoped I would enjoy a “lifestyle” change. In fact, I got all of these! 

The program was flexible enough that I could do the exercises at any point in the day, whenever I found my 30 minutes. Sometimes that was at 4:30AM after an early morning snuggle with Henry or at 10:00PM after cleaning up from our July 4th cookout. The program worked with my schedule and I think that was the key to my ability to remain consistent. The eating portion was hard when cookouts boast delicious burgers and even more tempting desserts. Yet, I didn’t have to deny myself these things I just had to check my portions. Did I really need two cupcakes? Could a suffice on just a bite of this or that? Could I prioritize eating lean protein, veggies, and fruit? I thought this would be the hardest part of the challenge. During the first week, it was because my meals were super random, then I got th hang of it and enjoyed cooking clean, healthy meals. I enjoyed shopping for them, and I really enjoyed watching my whole family eat well! 

So what is next? Do I just stop?

Nope my challenger, Kellyanne (my co-21 day fix bestie) and I are not quiting on team bestie! Today is day 21 but we decided it is also day 1! That is right, we are starting this program over again. I am excited about getting stronger. I can almost do a few real push-ups without going down to modified. I want to be able to do 10 push-ups for real during this next challenge.
And…I am thinking about becoming a coach. I have just loved how I have felt on this program and I would love to share this with others. What do you think? Would you join my team?  (because I am really thinking about doing it!)


3 thoughts on “My health challenge 07”

  1. I am starting the 21 day challenge on Monday – I am looking forward to their holistic approach to health and wellness! It is great that you can see results in 21-days if you are motivated and dedicated.

  2. I am thinking about starting 21 day fix ….. it is quite expensive though! If I did, I would join your group. It’s great inspiration to see a fellow working mum succeed. Even finding 30 mins a day can be hard with a 1 year old, when you work as well. I do have a few questions about the programme. Could I leave a longer message? Or email you?

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