my health challenge 04


The 21Day Fix Challenge begins. How did today start? With a Shakeology of course! It was pretty good coupled with some hard boiled eggs. I have work to do at school this morning so I am planning to do the first workout once Henry hits the hay this evening. My meals are packed in their perfectly portioned Beach Body containers and I am actually really excited about this. My bestie, Kaelin, asked this morning how I was feeling about the food portion of this challenge. And at first I was really scared about being hungry, but looking over the food, I realize that it is actually a lot of food just not maybe what I usually crave like eggplant parmigiana. So I don’t think I will be starving but I just might not LOVE eating super clean for the first few days. Regardless, I am excited and super happy that “past weekend Melissa” bought all the food for this week to start this program right! I even had an iced coffee this morning sans all sweeteners and creams. Who am I?

And did I mention my bestie, Kellyanne is also starting today!?  She inspired me with her running to do this health challenge and now she is joining me in doing the health challenge as well. What an inspiration she is!! It feels SO good having someone doing it alongside me so we can motivate each other (and vent and complain, if needed).

So here it is. I am feeling a bit vulnerable about this, but it is the obligatory Day 1 photo shoot ala guest bathroom (see the little baby tub in the corner? On a side note, we FINALLY got Henry to tub in the regular bath and out of his baby tub Woo Hoo). Okay so here we go officially!

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