my health challenge 03

Whew! One week complete. At times, I was really hating the fact that I started this whole thing. Now that school is officially over though and there is more “free” time available each day, it feels more natural to tackle this challenge. I say “free” because when you are 24/7 hanging out with an 11 month old, you are not just chilling on the couch.

Nap times have turned into my beast mode. From the second that sweet little guy rests his head on the mattress to the second he twirls about in the crib to wake up, I am go go go. The morning nap is dedicated to house chores: cooking lunch and dinner (yup, dinner is prepped and ready to go at like 8AM!), laundry, cleaning, tying up loose ends with school work, playing with the pups, watering the grass (I ripped up our front yard last week and am trying to start that ugly patch over again), and any other odd job that comes up. If I am lucky, there is about 10 minutes of down time before the peanut wakes. The second nap in the afternoon is dedicated to my work out. I squeeze in the 30 minute daily exercise I promised myself even though I am usually ready for my own nap by then. What will I do when Henry goes down to just one nap a day!?!?

This week’s exercises have been great. From yoga fusion to jogging to a boot camp class in the park led by my friend, I am feeling ready to begin the 21 day fix on Monday. My grocery list is ready to go to cover the nutrition portion of the challenge and the DVDs are keyed up as well. I am little nervous about officially starting the program especially the nutrition part. I tried a Shakeology the other day and was not the biggest fan. Perhaps some mix-ins will help make it tastier?  I have one weekend left until this health challenge kicks it up a notch. Here we go!

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