Once upon a nursing…

after 11 months, Henry has decided to move along. No matter how much I begged, pouted, and pleaded for a few more months, weeks, or even days, Henry was ready to make the big switch. It breaks my heart because now he really is a little boy,and while he will always be my baby, this is a big step away from babyhood. 

I am proud of him. He weaned when he was ready and it was a smooth transition to a sippy cup and regular milk. I am proud to have nursed him for 11 months. When I went back to work after 8 weeks, I doubted my ability to maintain and sustain my end of the nursing relationship. But here we are! I am sad though for it to end, sad to say good bye to our cuddles, to our snuggles, and to that intimate bond. Henry seems happily none the different for switching his hydration means over to a sippy cup. I just need to process my own emotions and feelings of being “broken up with.” But I am thankful for these eleven months and the bond we shared and the memories I will always carry for these early days of nursing my little baby. 


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