my health challenge 02

it has been a little over 48 hours since the health challenge commenced.

How is it going you ask?

Pretty well.

So far I have reached my goal of exercising everyday. And surprisingly, I really look forward to that time of the day. It feels good getting ready for it, it feels good while I sweat it out, and it feels good when I finish. Tonight is going to be a little hard to coordinate a slot of exercise time since my parents are coming over for dinner, Henry’s laundry has been calling me from the dryer for two days now, and I have a little prep work to do before a mommy get-together on Friday, BUT no excuses. I will carve out my 30 minutes and get it done.

And then the end of the school year is the worst time to start a health challenge I found out yesterday. A parade of cannolis, cakes, chocolate covered strawberries, and pizza whirled about the faculty room. I would walk in to grab a photocopy and have to wrestle myself away from these delectable treats. After successfully avoiding the sweet treats on my first pass, I became a little over confident. A rationale person would have avoided the the faculty room for the rest of the day. I, on the other hand, found various small, insignificant reasons to return to tempt myself so I could relive that “high” of walking away. Who am I?!?! This flaunting of the devil bit me. I stole away in between school and a work event to grab an early dinner at Sweet Greens with coworkers (another triumphant decision) and after eating the leaves when my coworker suggested stopping in for a mini cupcake at Sweet, I had used all my fortitude up for the day and savored that delicious morsel like a criminal out on furlough. Oops! But hey it is all about success, not perfection! What would have normally derailed me though has only made me more determined to kick it up a notch. Here’s to another go at it!

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