my health challenge 01

Okay, if I make it public I have to actually do it right?

That is what I am going with at least.

Last night I started a summer health challenge. Why last night?  Because I realized I keep putting it off until tomorrow. Tomorrow my schedule will be better, tomorrow I won’t have grading, tomorrow the laundry will be done, tomorrow I will grocery shop, tomorrow, tomorrow, tomorrow. Then I was trolling Instagram and saw Jenna Beaugh, a blogger I follow, post “Start today, not tomorrow.” And a light switch flipped for me. It is never going to be that perfect time to change habits and start.  So why don’t I start today! (Well, I started yesterday in fact).

Okay so now what does it mean to have “started?”

Well, I am going to try to cut out excess sugars. I LOVE coffee. It is part of my morning routine, ritual even. I look forward to the process of preparing it and drinking it. Cutting it out completely might to be hard for an addict like myself, but I don’t have to sweeten it. So I am  starting with that baby step.

In light of baby steps, I am going to exercise everyday for 30 minutes. While that might not seem like a baby step with an everyday commitment in fact it is. Here is why: When I think of exercise, I think of an hour + routine in which I have to work out every part of my body head to toe. This gigantic mental workout routine that I feel compelled to commit to is too overwhelming. I can carve 30 minutes out of my day to exercise. In fact 7:30-8:00PM is a perfect time because I usually am aimless then.  I started yesterday with a fusion yoga routine. Whew! It kicked my butt. I was holding a pose for 60 seconds and started to panic that I couldn’t do it and that I was too out of shape. THEN, I tapped into the strong mommy side of things. Holding warrior three pose for one minute, I started to think, “My contractions were a minute long and those were nasty!” I did that for a minute, why can’t I do this for a minute? And I did it! One minute down. It wasn’t life altering stuff, but it was just the bump of confidence I needed to kick start this health challenge.

Building on this momentum, I am starting a 21Day Fix on June 15 led by Jenna Beaugh of Eat Live Run Fitness. It feels like the right step for right now. She is a new mom, I am a new mom. It just feels like the right approach for my health goals. I am excited to start it and a little afraid, but mostly excited!

So what are my health goals:

Be in it for the long run and make exercise a consistent part of my life, day, week.

Be conscious of what I am eating and make solid healthful food choices

Improve my flexibility and strength

Run a 5K with my bestie Kellyanne in the Fall

Okay it is all out there. So here I go…..

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