travel with a baby part 1

So….we have a lot of various trips heading our way!  I am a bit nervous navigating the airport with Henry and David. Obviously prior to Henry, David and I could have been on the Amazing Race. We packed efficiently, wove our way through the crowds like champions, and dominated the TSA line-up. We were a well-oiled machine of traveling perfection! We scoped out the TSA lines and made sure to never get on line behind a family.  They just took too long and were all elbows and chaos at the belt.

And, now….we are those people! From expert DINK (double income no kids) travelers, we will now have to forgo our perfection for whatever the heck happens now at the airport. We will line up with the parents and realize that those families before us were amazing, intrepid adventurers. From packing, to getting to the airport, to checking in for the flight, to getting on TSA line, to waiting for the flight, to getting on the flight, to the flight, to getting off the flight, I am confused, worried and a bit scared. We have sought out the advice of our highly efficient and very proficient mommy traveler, Jessie!  Her advice has been very helpful, encouraging, and logical. Please keep your fingers crossed over the next few months as we try to enact her advice and make travels with H a breeze.

I am hoping I look like this at the airport, but this looks a little to easy, no?


Any advice appreciated!!

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