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Two years ago I read an article about mommy blogs. The details of the message escape me know, but it generally discussed how mommies were filling the blogosphere with pictures of their babies and daily life. It suggested that in some way the “perfection” that was captured harkened back to the 1950s cult of domesticity.  The women were depicting themselves as modern, chic, and completely put together while they toted their little ducklings, all impeccably dressed, behind them. Not only did these women find time to care for their little ones but their pictures suggested that they showered and had time for themselves too! Plus, they were engrossed in passions and hobbies from fashion, to cooking, to interior design, to homesteading. I remember the article’s perspective on these women was a bit negative. It seemed to suggest that the “we have it all” motif of mommy bloggers was deceptive to “real” women. Curious about these reflections, I went on the hunt for mommy blogs.

While I agree that sometimes the mommy blogging world can on the surface seem serenely perfect, overall the mommy blogs I started following two years ago (and continue to be addicted to) share not just those “perfect” moments when motherhood, individuality, and passion intersect but the moments when parenting gets the best of you and when getting into bed early in order to end the current day feels like the only option. I guess it is this side coupled with the beauties of motherhood reality that make the mommy blogs so compelling to me. I want each of these women to find “success” in their lives and to feel “successful” as parents (clearly knowing that this is defined by each individual). I root for them and enjoy their insights and somehow find their advice to be  helpful. In some ways, I try to model my blog after theirs, but each of us has our own voice, perspective, and focus in the world. Regardless, I thought I would share the blogs that I follow on a regular basis because really I like these women.  They are pretty great in their own corners of our world.









EatLiveRun (not a mom yet….but about to be)

KendiEveryday (not a mom, but I check out her fashion quite a bit)

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