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Exercising has never been easy for me. I am definitely not a “gym rat.” Talking myself out of exercising is my forte in fact. There is always something else that needs attention or somewhere else I need to go. It is funny though how once I physically get myself moving, I am often quite happy while exercising and extremely proud afterwards. Yet, my pregnancy was an excellent excuse to avoid exercise all together. The first trimester exhaustion wiped me out completely. Waking up was never more difficult than in those early months. Staying up for the full day felt like the hardest task. It was the type of exhaustion that I had just never felt before. It wasn’t just a fog that descended over me but rather it was a wave that swallowed me up and dragged me down.  I did not even attempt to exercise then as merely making it through the day in one piece without putting my head on my desk and falling fast asleep was hard enough.

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Suddenly the wave disappeared and the “sweet spot” of the second trimester began. Not only was energy restored but in some ways I felt more alive than ever.  Perhaps it had to do with the extra blood and human activity coursing through my body! My initial exercise routine was to pop on some barre3 prenatal videos or a prenatal yoga video. While I enjoyed them, I felt that my body wasn’t quite there yet. I still craved more activity that the gentle flow these videos offered. I am sure when I am at my most swollen state I will retreat to these prenatal standards again that offer their calm reassurance that everything will be okay and that your body is beautiful and doing exactly what it should be doing. For now though, I am just so excited that I can still move around, stretch, and do strength work at the pace I was capable of before baby (or a pace quite comparable at least). That’s where my latest obsession comes in.

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Laura introduced me to PureBarre in Wellesley and I have gone multiple times a weeks since. At first the micro-movements were a bit difficult to understand. I found myself not quite accessing the muscles the instructors were indicating I should feel when I lift my leg like this or that. But, a few classes later I feel confident that I am doing it (mostly) right and am noticing a total difference in my mood, energy, and body image. Being pregnant is amazing but sometimes it is hard to look in the mirror and see a version of yourself that you are just not accustomed to seeing. Things shift and expand in places that were not expected.  And while I totally get that I am a child-making goddess right now, the post-natal me sometimes creeps in and says “Hey what will I look like?” PureBarre has helped me feel very strong as I lift weights, maximum my gluts, and do more and more push-ups. I feel more toned and relaxed about where my body is going and I feel more energetic and excited after each class. This was exactly the type of exercise I needed now and the type of exercise I have been looking for, for a long time. I am optimistic that I can continue taking classes throughout the third trimester as along as I don’t get any aches and pains (and my midwife approves of course), and I am excited to have something to come back to once I am ready to exercise again after the little man arrives!

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