baby hipster

It is clear from the minute you walk into a baby store that little girls have some really cute outfits. From tiny tutus to sundresses and funky jeans, little girls have cornered the market on cute….or so I thought. Little boy clothes have gotten pretty darn cute and we have started our little collection of wardrobe items for our baby boy-to-be. It will be so cute to see our little man dressed not only in onesie footie pajamas with little puppies, monsters, and elephants on them but also in a few of these extra cute (and sort of wonderfully ridiculous) hipster clothes.  He will be one dapper fellow!

IMG_5449 IMG_5451 IMG_5452 IMG_5453


I had to also show off his tiny and oh so cute swimsuit. Hehehe! The guy already has a summer suit for our beach days to come! And, yes I used the word “cute” at least 6 times in this post!

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