our stroller selection!

While I have not been pregnant for very long, I have learned something very important: Moms LOVE their brands.  It seems that no matter what the brand may be, if a mom has committed to it, she is quite loyal to it. This makes being a newcomer to baby products extremely difficult. I have no brand-loyalty….yet. And, as such, I am beyond confused as to what to buy for the big ticket items like the stroller, car seat, crib, etc. Every mom I have spoken with has been so generous of her time and advice. They have each given me something critical to consider when selecting a stroller. From the size of the under carriage bin, to the weight of the frame, to the size of the sunshade, to the ease of cleaning the fabric, to comfort of pushing, to safety, and size, I have noted and jotted down all of their advice, insights, and concerns. These recommendations and warnings were then added to the countless articles and mommy blogs I read over the past two weeks. Poor David was extremely patient with me as I hemmed and hawed over this stroller decision. He drove me back and forth to Babies R Us and Magic Beans so I could try out the strollers “just one more time.” It was actually quite sweet. He reassured me that this decision was important and that if I was happy with our choice he would be happy with it as well. He trusted my “research” (let’s not forget, I am a trained researcher!).

Our front runners were: The Graco Modes Click Connect Travel System, the Chicco Activ3 Jogger, the Uppababy Vista, and the Uppababy Cruz. First, let me say each of these strollers were strong contenders for our selection. It is what made the final selection so difficult. Each stroller sat on our registry for at least a day as I flipped through my various thoughts. The Graco is sleek looking and its price is right. It has multiple positions and fits with Graco car seats allowing it to double as a stroller and car seat carrier. It is also lightweight. David and I decided against it because we felt the frame was a bit wide, we wanted to use a Chicco car seat and the Graco stroller would not fit it, and we didn’t like that the only color option was black. As for the Chicco Jogger, it made it to our list because I like to imagine that I am a jogger. I can just see me now pushing the baby around at top speed through our local park and getting back in shape in under 3 months! The Activ3 is quite sleek, it fits the Chicco car seat we are interested in, and is highly maneuverable. The downside was that it is a bit too heavy for me to lift into a trunk and the front jogger tire sticks way out and I couldn’t imagine bringing it to the mall as well as the park. The Uppababy Vista was a primary pick. It has everything and comes with a bassinet! The only issue is its price tag. At a whopping $730.00, David could not justify the price no matter what kind of pleading faces I made his way. So with the Vista out of our budget, I browsed a bit deeper into the Uppababy collection and came upon the Cruz. What is awesome about the Cruz is it is so similar to the Vista except it weighs less and has a smaller frame.  For a hobbit like myself, this was actually perfect.

We went to check out the Cruz today. We opened and collapsed it a dozen times. The mechanism is smooth and it collapses so neatly.  The fabric of the chair is easy to clean with a wipe. The sunshade is amazing! It comes with an optional bassinet if we choose to revisit that option and it fits the Chicco car seat. It comes with a rain protector and bug shield. The color selection was fun and the frame is light and easy to carry. This combined with Uppababy’s exceptional customer service sold us! And, they even threw in the cup holder for free at Magic Beans. So we made our selection and brought our stroller home for baby-to-be!

Screen Shot 2014-01-20 at 7.36.04 PM

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