we’re having a baby!


We are so excited to announce that our little baby will be joining us this Summer!

We are thrilled and nervous and overwhelmed with excitement. Never one to keep a secret, it has been tremendously hard not to share this news sooner. The first trimester is a few days from wrapping up and I finally feel like I am coming out of the “fog” of the early weeks.  Thankfully, I have been lucky and have avoided much of morning sickness that plagues many moms-to-be.  Primarily, the symptom that weighed me down was fatigue. At any point last month, I felt that if I just closed my eyes for a moment I could enter into a deep, lush nap. Bedtime shifted down to 8:00PM and I eagerly would crawl in.

At times, I wondered if I would ever feel like myself, or exercise like my midwife keeps prompting me to! But, then I would remind myself (or David would remind me) that this phase is temporary and that SO much was happening to me and baby that fatigue was clearly a sign of it all. If I wasn’t napping or wanting to nap, then I was eating everything in the cabinets! I stored little snacks in my nightstand and would wake up in the middle of the night to nosh in the dark while David slept. I didn’t (and still don’t) have any particular craving other than I am hungry all of the time. Some days I cannot get enough pineapple and every morning I am ravenous for sunny-side up eggs. Lately, I am really into all things milk: yogurt, cheeses, chocolate milk, ice cream. Dairy is my go to this week, but I am sure it will change as it has been changing throughout these 12 weeks. And, of course, I always crave Pad Thai but have been working to keep my all time favorite meal to a minimum.

Every time I look at David, I am overcome with emotion since this man, my best friend, is going to be a father. And, let me now tell you, he is going to be an amazing dad! I am so excited to see my daddy-to-be in action in a few months.  But, right now we are taking a little break from all the pregnancy books, videos, and registry stuff and we are just going to enjoy this moment we are in now.  We are so blessed to be on this journey together and so excited to savor these moments as we say good-bye to our DINK (double-income no kids) lifestyle and transition into this whole new realm of family!

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