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This weekend David and I went to Comic Con in New York.  I know what you are thinking, WHAAAT?  That’s right, we decided to throw ourselves head first into embracing an event we would not have attended on our own.  Prompted to attend by Andric and Amanda we made our way down to NY on Friday night.  I had seen pictures of Comic Con before and never thought I would attend myself.  But, truth be told, it was actually a lot of fun.

The weekend started off a little rough with an unexpected car exchange. We piled into the car, only to have a mechanical issue. Tired and a little frustrated, the four us shook off the rocky start and drove the 4 hours to our hotel. Making it to New York at 1AM, we crashed hard.

IMG_5088The next morning, we woke up early, got into our costumes and headed to the Jacob Javits Center. You are probably wondering….what did David and I dress up as?  Have you ever seen It’s Always Sunny in PhiladelphiaWe decided that we could only dress up as characters we knew and since we are not well versed in the world of comics or anime, we chose Dee and Mac from the Nightman Cometh Episode.  In this episode, Mac, Dee and the gang put on a random and wild musical.

Screen Shot 2013-10-14 at 7.55.01 PMFor your reference, this is Dee as the Coffee Shop Princess Screen Shot 2013-10-14 at 7.55.34 PMAnd, here is Mac as the Nightman

IMG_5084Did you know that it is illegal to buy decorative contact lenses in the United States? Deemed medical devices, selling lenses for Halloween, which circumvent visiting optometrists, is not recommended by the FDA. We did not know this when David purchased this pair of cat eye lenses through amazon.  While David was able to get one lens in, the overall discomfort of wearing them led to him scrapping that part of the costume.      IMG_5093We arrived at the Javits Center and were completely overwhelmed by the crowds, costumes, and sound. This was an incredibly popular event filled with a diverse array of people and spectators. David and I both agree that there appears to be three types of people who come to this event:

  • There is the individual who comes dressed in regular street attire and sports a classic comic t-shirt to show their connection to super hero stuff.
  • There is the individual who comes dressed in a Halloween quality costume but who goes around as themselves wearing a costume  (I think David and I fell into this category)
  • There is the individual who shows up in full costume.  It is form fitting, made of real materials, and is incredibly realistic.  This person also embodies the character.  For example: dresses as Gollum and crawls throughout the Javits Center or dresses like Loki and stomps around with attitude.


Here we are in our costumes striking our character poses. We learned quickly that when someone asks you for a photo they want you to strike a pose.

IMG_5097You might not know this about me but I have a crush on actor Andrew McCarthy.  When I saw that for some reason he was at Comic Con I hurried us all to his booth.  And, while I find him to be terribly irresistible in his 80s movies, I was not ready to part with $20.00. So this is as close to him as I got.

IMG_5116A close up of my Dee Reynolds costume. Little did I know that this was actually 3 costumes in one as many thought I was Sleeping Beauty and/or Princess Peach.  IMG_5115David as the Nightman strikes his ninja pose IMG_5114

Andric was dressed as the 11th Doctor from Dr. Who. IMG_5113Amanda was dressed as Marceline from AdventureTime and her guitar was crazy authentic looking. People were quite impressed.

IMG_5108This guy was SO tall!! IMG_5105Just a couple of Marcelines. IMG_5104The Doctors from Dr. Who. IMG_5096Breaking Bad IMG_5119 I forgot who Andric is posing next too. I am going to say it is a character from the video game Assassin’s Creed (but I might be way wrong).

IMG_5124One of my favorite moments came as we were walking out of Comic Con at night.  We passed by this couple dressed as the Misfits, we complimented them on their costumes, took a picture, and walked away.  They then caught up to us again and said, “Hey, wait, are you Mac and Dee?”  When we replied in the affirmative, they broke out laughing and the man even fell to the ground  as he was laughing so hard. Success!

4 thoughts on “ny comiccon”

  1. Where did you get your dress? It’s exactly the same, but I can’t find it online anywhere! You guys looked awesome btw. 🙂

      1. Found it! Thanks :). Yeah I learned some of the IASIP songs on piano, and want to dress up as Dee and make a little video of me playing the songs while dressed up as her. lol, just for the fun of it because I’m a nerd and this is what I do with my free time. But I wanted to do it right, and maybe use it for Halloween this year too. Thanks for the info!

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