it’s a fall tradition!

Does going twice to the Big E make it tradition? I declare that it does.  Somehow it feels more like Fall now that we have eaten our fill of fried cheese curds, chocolate covered bacon, pork chop sandwiches, fried pickles, kettle corn popcorn, and apple crisp. The weather was cool as we took in the sights, smells, and rides with our friends this past weekend in Springfield, MA. It wasn’t until the next day when David said, “Now the Fall has arrived,” that it became apparent how much we enjoy this wildly weird event. Clearly, Fall in New England is marked for us by two traditions: The Big E fried food extravaganza and Apple Picking. We have one down and now it is time for the next fall favorite!!

2 thoughts on “it’s a fall tradition!

  1. Haha! Thank you so much. The switch to Fall is just my favorite time of year. I am sitting cozy in my classroom right now, there is a great chill in the air, and students are just milling around the hallways. Delightful!

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