back in shape

Things have gotten a little tighter these days. Most nights after dinner, David and I race off to the tennis court. Talking “smack” to each other all the way there, we pump each other up for our hour to two hour tennis match. We weren’t very good at first. Balls typically spent more time hitting up against the chain linked fence or popping up and out of the court then back and forth between our rackets. I have taken a hit to throat, leg, stomach, and head most recently and David fell over himself on a few occasions. We are a sight to be seen. But, what is most important is we have a blast.  Between rallies we laugh out loud, sneak kisses, and roll our eyes at each other for missing a shot. Then at some point we got better, I would even go so far as to say mildly good.

Our rallies are lasting longer, our endurance has increased, our serves stay in and we can actually get through games and sets. Practice and playfulness really is making a difference in our game! And as a result we are noticing those pesky 10 pounds we each have wrestled with since our wedding slowly slip away and our figures tighten up. When we first started this new hobby, I did not think it would last longer than a session or two. It has turned into a positive addiction. Each of us tries to best the other. We challenge each other to play harder, faster, and stronger. To celebrate our new found evening adventure/commitment we stayed in last night to watch the men’s US Open Finals. Inspired by the tremendous game, we head out again! Screen Shot 2013-09-10 at 2.14.23 PM

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