chicago + besties

It had been one year since I last saw my bestie, Kaelin. When I heard that the BlogHer ’13 Conference was in Chicago, I knew it was going to be great to fly in early and spend some much needed time with her before heading into the blogging sessions. And….it was! Laura and I left for Chicago on Tuesday morning and landed in the Windy City. It was like we had just seen Kaelin yesterday. We immediately caught up on life, loves, work, and the everyday. We ate lavishly each day and explored extensively. Kaelin treated us to the best of Chicago and hosted us in her poshly decorated apartment. I was so impressed and had such a good time that it was terribly hard to say goodbye after six days.

There were so many highlights from our Bestie Fest 2013.  We sunburned at the lake, danced on a boat cruise, watched fireworks cascade over the city, took a Segway tour (despite our better judgement), ate multiple desserts per night, drank champagne, listened to free outdoor music, put our feet in a fountain, shopped for random things, laughed, cried, talked all day and night, and just had a smashingly good time.

2 thoughts on “chicago + besties”

  1. I think it was the greatest BestieFest so far, excluding your weddings, of course! I miss you two like crazy and I can’t wait until I see you again. Love love love. Kaelin

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