A weed is defined as “a plant that is not valued where it is growing and is usually of vigorous growth.” In the morning, I stumble out into the backyard with Buster and Bella and face the enemy. The weeds are “vigorously” growing, taking over, and turning our yard into a jungle. Pretty soon, I will need a machete to help me blaze a path through the tangle of dandelions, clover, crab grass, and juniper branches that are overspreading the area. I have nightmares of the weeds crawling their slow plant pace from infiltrating the garden beds up to grabbing hold of the house siding and reclaiming it as part of their nature. I swear when I go out in the morning the weeds are no higher than my ankle but, when I return in the evening, those weeds having basked in the sunny glory of the day are thigh high. We try to yank them out by their roots which they have burrowed through the earth’s crust. Successful removal of one, only leaves a momentary gap for two others to fill with their invading strength. Spring as just begun and already I feel like a tired warrior. The task is daunting and discouraging. Chemical weapons in war are a crime. Do I violate David’s code of lawn care ethics and release a spray of herbicides to deforest the jungle?  I know the weeds are waiting for us to make our decision. There will be no peaceful co-existence.  New to the neighborhood, the pressure of “not being those neighbors” is high.  Are we to be doomed to the category of neighbors who do not “care” about their property?  Yet, we do care…we care immensely.  But, those weeds are stubborn, resistent, and resilient.  Hours of labor one day are engulfed by new Taraxacum officinale and our dent is gone. The battle rages on…

DSC_0410 DSC_0437

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