boston blizzard part II

After shoveling a path for the puppies yesterday, we cozied up on the couch with hot beverages and watched the news networks report on the end of the blizzard. Sitting under a blanket together we strategized on how to dig ourselves out of the 30.5 inches of snow that fell on our town. We had two questions: Where do we begin and where do we put all the snow? It wasn’t until the very last snowflake fell at 11:30AM that we decided it was time to face the task at hand…shoveling ourselves out!  I have to admit though that if we had enough food, I would have voted to avoid the shoveling and to just wait for the Spring thaw.  How nice would hibernating be?  Alas, the chances of having work on Monday were incredibly high so we layered our clothes and headed into the powdery white snow for the next two hours. We played, we shoveled, and we laughed with our neighbors who were also out in their yards. It was a ridiculous sight.  We ran through the street, threw snow balls at each other and helped one another shovel out. We decided that later we should all get together over mulled, spiced wine and board games.  From 7:30PM to almost midnight we drank warmed wine together, laughed until tears streamed down our faces and played the ridiculous game of “Cards Against Humanity” all night.  It was seriously an awesome end to our second day of being “snowed in.”  We did not realize this when we bought our home, but we have some really incredible neighbors. Sitting around the fireplace last night, I could envision many future nights like this with them and many future laughs to come…

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