what i read and what i thought

The best part of being on break is being able to read for pleasure.  During the school year with grading and lesson planning forever consuming my precious “free time,” I rarely have the opportunity to pick up a book and just read for the sake of expanding my mind, going on an adventure, or indulging in the diversion of a good story.  This winter break, I was lucky to pursue this delightfully.

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This was a recommendation from the blog Eat, Live, Run. It was such a fast read and was truly the perfect book for a road trip. I read it in one day as the language and imagery of the author is beautiful.  Often stopping to reread sentences in order to truly appreciate the author’s depth, I enjoyed this historical fiction piece and the adventure it took me on.

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At school we have been focusing on the role of diversity in the classroom.  In a series of faculty meetings, members of the community presented on the work that is being done and the work that can continue to be done in order to harness and make real valuable space for discussions of diversity.  One of the facilitators recommended Whistling Vivaldi. While not a fast read like Blue Asylum, it did bring light to a serious dilemma facing all of us: stereotype threat. It was fascinating to read how we are consciously and subconsciously affected by our labels and how this can be reversed through significant and important interventions.

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While cozying up in Skye’s apartment the other afternoon, I stumbled across this book and asked to borrow it.  The author of this book is also the writer of one of my favorite blogs, SouleMama. While I do not currently have a brood of children, this book had such GREAT ideas on how to unleash one’s creativity and how to make being creative a part of an individual’s daily routine. I often let the creative side of me wait until the long list of to-dos is complete and by then, tired, I just roll into bed.  After reading through this delightful and warm piece on creativity and projects, I have a long list of ideas for my near-future creative endeavors!

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This last book of the winter break was a gift from an advisee.  Opening this present on the last day of school got me SO excited to go on break.  Clearly, this student (or perhaps his parents) understood that breaks are a perfect time to immerse oneself between the pages of a long novel.  While I am halfway through this story, I am enjoying the journey, mysticism, and strength of this historical fiction set in the time of the fall of Jerusalem.

3 thoughts on “what i read and what i thought

    • Thank you so much! I will definitely check out your reading suggestion. The Dovekeepers has been great so far. I am almost done. I am also going to read Gone Girl, and The Family Fang.

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