David had three boxes of “man stuff” when we first moved in together. These cardboard boxes consisted of the most random items: Indian flutes, boomerangs, trumpet horns, cologne, old photos of previous girlfriends, some half filled in journals, pens, markers, sheet music, a lock picking kit, drill bits, tins full of loose coins, rubber bands, tennis balls, etc. Old hobbies were thrown together with office supplies and topped off with random odds and ends whose missing parts left them useless in their original purpose. These boxes laid in wait in our first apartment’s hall closet for one year.  When we moved to our next place, we downgraded on some closet space and David and I  went through each of the three boxes and made arguments for and against the oddities. Forty minutes later, the boxes were now two. In our most recent move to our house, we dusted off the negotiation skills and worked through the two remaining boxes of stuff narrowing it down to one. There were some hard fought battles, but David was convinced that a few of the items were non-negotiable.  These included his set of boomerangs.

It  was epic!  After five years of waiting in the box, we finally took those boomerangs out. We walked to the park across the street and  threw these silly things into the air together. For a moment the wind caught one and we lost it and the sense of dread was real. We had just discovered the joy of these frisbee-esque toys and we could not seriously have lost one after this 5 year build-up!  Luckily it was not too far and we went back to playing like two kids. It was a complete blast and we both agreed that they were non-negotiable and that there were probably some other treasures in David’s box that we need to spend some more time appreciating now…and definitely when the kiddos come along.

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