separation anxiety

Today is my first day off since the end of summer.  A whole ten days have passed since the start of the school year.  During the summer, I get accustomed to being home alone and having long stretches of days without David. But on these days off that are scattered throughout the academic calendar like salt and pepper, I find myself missing David very much. Just ten days ago I was a pro at being home alone and filling my days with meaningful activity. Today, I find myself restlessly doing work for the week in my living room, listening to the “adult alternative” channel on my TV, and watching the clock until I can go and pick him up. While some may see this as codependency and frown upon my sentiments this afternoon, I don’t care. I am a sap. Perhaps, all of this disquiet I feel is a result of having had a wonderful weekend together. Fall weekends always leave me with that lingering longing for more time to just be together.

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