Too much fun in the California sun

Sitting here on the red eye back is not fun. Owen screamed for twenty minutes while thrashing about like a tuna fish hauled out of the sea and slapped onto the deck. The whole scene was quite horrifying for us. Although, thankfully, Henry remained unalarmed while he watched some shows and snacked on chips during Owen’s epic airplane meltdown. Finally little man gave up the ghost and passed out on the floor between our row and the traumatized passengers in front of us. Henry graciously put himself to sleep and no joke slipped on his complimentary night mask and out he went. And I drank a mini bottle of champagne and stayed wide awake for our cross continental journey. Because at any moment the situation could turn and I needed to be ready to pounce on any screamer!

But the now few minutes of silence before we begin our initial descent has me reminiscing about our SoCal adventure. Every time we visit, I just want to pick up the fam and move out to this coast. It is just so darn beautiful, tropical feeling, and the amount of fun we have with our family slipping into their daily lives for a few days is always beautifully awesome. We were out in the sun everyday exploring SoCal and trying new things with the boys from a visit to Legoland to ocean kayaking and SUPing, we tired ourselves out but enjoyed every minute of the family time. The kids fell even more in love with their cousins and I know they will be missing them super hard until we see them again in November.

where have I been?

For the past two work weeks, I have been working. What? But it’s summer and don’t teachers take off? Yes and no. My school is totally awesome (if you have not gotten that from my previous writings yet) and during the summer months it hosts hundreds of students at summer camp. And this year, I had the opportunity to team up with the amazing camp directors and two colleagues to run two new speciality camps: Pet Tech and Go Baby Go. These camps fell under the umbrella of “design with a purpose.” The concept was killer. Have middle schoolers hone some techie skills while creating a product for a real client, in the real world, with a real need. What’s not to love about this?

It was maybe the hardest thing I have done in the last two years. I cap it at two years because I had two babies under two, two years ago and that was madness that I think very few life events will surpass unless you are experiencing three under three or four under four, or you get where I am going with this. But this camp experience was beautifully hard. The days were long and the task was tremendous. From 8:30AM-4PM I worked with a handful of middle schools on designing their products and bringing them from paper drawings and play-doh prototypes to life, and then deliver their real, working device to a real client in 5 days. Stress dreams kept me up at night as this history teacher worked with her two colleagues to hone and practice my tech skills and help guide and not lead these middle schoolers.

So if things were quiet here on the blog, it was because I was busy emptying my cup over and over again at camp. But, in the hazing aftermath of that experience, it feels really . awesome to have done that. I got to know my colleagues deeper, practiced electrical work I would not otherwise have tried out, and saw so many proud middle schoolers and even happier clients! But now it is time for some more vacation vibes for this summer and a little trip out to Cali awaits in T-24 hours!!