The wind has been howling outside my window since yesterday evening. Sleeping was challenging as I was awoken by the ceaseless bellowing. The disturbed sleep reminded me that a potential snow day might await in the morning if the wind was any indication of the intensity of the snow outside. At 3AM, I crept to the window, […]

boston blizzard part III {cardboard box sledding}

What do you do when you are snowed in and have a little hill in your backyard? You go sledding of course! We did not have a sled, so we had to improvise.  Our sled for the day was our television’s cardboard box. David went first and blazed the path and I was soon to follow.  We […]

boston blizzard part I

Thursday was madness. The news networks were projecting white out conditions and a blizzard that would rival the blizzard of ’78. I checked the weather channel obsessively at work.  Could a snowstorm this big really be heading for Boston? The focus in the classroom was nonexistent. What was scientific management and how did it revolutionize […]


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