what i read, what i thought

It must be the twilight zone!  How is it possible that I have read two books for fun in the first month of school.  How unheard of! I can almost guarantee that this will not happen again this school year as we ramp up on course content, grading, and technology integration. But somehow, magically and […]

what i read, what i thought

-You can’t just make me different and then leave. Because I was fine before, Miles -I go to seek a Great Perhaps,  Rabelais -She loved mysteries so much, that she became one, Miles -How will we ever get out of this labyrinth of suffering? Straight and Fast, Miles and Alaska After reading John Green’s The Fault in […]

an hour at jamaica pond

Yesterday, David and I took an hour to sit and relax at Jamaica Pond. The weather was absolutely perfect as we watched runners go by, little kids fish, and dogs edge closer to the water for lick or a swim. It was a totally unexpected visit but we had an hour before we were to meet up […]

what i read and what i thought

I can’t believe I just finished it!! Reading for pleasure during the school year is practically impossible, but when a friend passed along this book to me and said, “I cannot tell you anything about it but that is was amazing,” I knew I needed to make an exception. Each night I would come home with my […]


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