hearty basil minestrone soup with lentils

I have been a bit negligent on sharing recipes since we learned we were pregnant and the school year kicked into high gear.  While we have been eating, I haven’t been sharing. Recently, we prepared and ate Eat Live Run’s shredded beef enchilada recipe and it was delicious. But once the meal was prepared I […]

shiraz braised beef over linguine

This is one of our favorite recipes. It is easy to pull together and always fills the house with a delicious, decadent aroma. David went out last night to play tennis with a co-worker and I thought it would be a great opportunity to spend my evening making this dish, drinking a glass of wine, […]

weeknight pasta & meat sauce

There is nothing better than homemade meat sauce from scratch. But cooking up a pot of that good stuff on a weeknight is impossible. On a typical night, David and I get home by 6PM and are ready to tear through the cupboards.  Not wanting to fill up on chips, cheese, and other random pantry […]

modified pasta carbonara

When I lived in Parma, Italy, I ate a ton of pasta. At first, I did not notice how much of the delicious starch I was ingesting. The wheels of the 757 skidded to a stop at the Florence airport and the walk off the plane was the first of many long walks through the […]

weeknight pasta with pancetta and peas

One of my favorite meals to cook on a weeknight comes from The Newlywed Cookbook which we received as a wedding gift from our registry with Crate&Barrel.  When we added this book to our registry, we had never in fact seen it nor browsed its recipes.  Rather we fell in love with the cuteness of such […]


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