it’s a fall tradition!

Does going twice to the Big E make it tradition? I declare that it does.  Somehow it feels more like Fall now that we have eaten our fill of fried cheese curds, chocolate covered bacon, pork chop sandwiches, fried pickles, kettle corn popcorn, and apple crisp. The weather was cool as we took in the […]

back in shape

Things have gotten a little tighter these days. Most nights after dinner, David and I race off to the tennis court. Talking “smack” to each other all the way there, we pump each other up for our hour to two hour tennis match. We weren’t very good at first. Balls typically spent more time hitting […]

beach babies?

In approximately 192 hours the school year will commence. Gosh this is a cliche but the summer flew by! I feel like I just got settled into a routine I enjoy (which includes iced coffees most mornings with Laura) and finally shook off the post-school year fatigue and now it is time to head back […]

florida vacation

In mid July David and I were able to fly down to Florida to visit with his brother, sister-in-law, and their littles. Each year around the fourth of July we make our trek down for a long weekend of fun and sun. This year we met our newest little nephew only 14 days old. When […]

life lately according to my iphone

Puppy playtime with Parker & Buster A snack at my favorite spot, Flour Bakery Walking around Boston in the rain Roses after an afternoon thunderstorm New haircut. What do you think? The SoWa Market in the South End Some more of SoWa.  Man did we eat a lot that day. Free Samples always get me, […]

an hour at jamaica pond

Yesterday, David and I took an hour to sit and relax at Jamaica Pond. The weather was absolutely perfect as we watched runners go by, little kids fish, and dogs edge closer to the water for lick or a swim. It was a totally unexpected visit but we had an hour before we were to meet up […]

summer to do

Lists make me happy. Each day, I write myself a “to-do” list and revel in crossing off items, highlighting items, and adding new tasks. In an odd way, I feel like a superstar when I complete the list. Praise is showered down “you did it,” “look how organized you are,” and “wow, how did you […]


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