post 3. the great wall.

It has been over a month since my last great wall update. You are probably thinking that the silence must indicate intense progress and therefore there is no “material” for me to cover on the blog. Alas, if only this were so. Unfortunately, when looking back over Summer 2013, it has become quite apparent that […]

sewing 101

A few months ago I blogged about a book I read called the Creative Family. Its discussion on creativity and the importance of crafting made quite the impression. Her message of steering clear of focusing on one’s mistakes resonated with the perfectionist in me. When knitting, I am quickly discouraged by my project as soon […]

post 2. the great wall.

Where post 1: The Great Wall explained the overall start of this project, this is going to be a rant. I promise in the future posts about the wall to do my best to just “go with it” and find the humor in it all. He texted around 10AM with another excuse for this tardiness. […]

post 1. the great wall.

This wall is a monster. When we bought our first home we were totally in love with it.  It was built the year we met and immediately I felt a connection to this mound of wood and plaster. It must have been built for us, no?  Everything inside is brand new and gleaming with that […]

summer to do

Lists make me happy. Each day, I write myself a “to-do” list and revel in crossing off items, highlighting items, and adding new tasks. In an odd way, I feel like a superstar when I complete the list. Praise is showered down “you did it,” “look how organized you are,” and “wow, how did you […]


During the school day there is very little “me” time. This is quite understandable since the school day really isn’t about “me.”  Rather it is about how each student is accessing, processing, creating, and recreating information, skills, and social experiences.  I merely get to be a facilitator, observer, and designer (and sometimes on special days a life […]


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