sunday adventure

Yesterday David woke up and said, “Want to go for a Sunday drive?” We didn’t have a real plan but decided that we wanted to avoid highways and just follow the back roads and see  where they took us. Packing a few snacks, we got into the car and started our journey. An hour and […]

advisory party

This afternoon I was anxious about lunch. My advisees, (9 students who I support and advise throughout the duration of their high school experience) wanted to go off campus for lunch. Not just that, but they wanted to go to Shake Shack which is notoriously crowded.  Of course, the idea of lunch off campus was […]

macklemore & ryan lewis

Last Friday, David, Laura, Eric, and I went to the Macklemore & Ryan Lewis concert at TD Bank. Laura had seen Macklemore & Ryan Lewis on Good Morning America during one of the summertime concert series and bought the four amigos tickets for their Fall concert in Boston. In the summer, it seemed like such […]

beef stew crock pot

It has been hard to type, to focus, and to do much of anything this past week really. We woke up yet again one morning to find that the heat in our home had gone out.  Temperatures were dropping outside and now this was replicated indoors. What should have been a quick fix turned into […]


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