weeknight baking

I don’t’ have to go to “work” tomorrow. My sub plans are submitted and I am handing over my students for the day.  It is never something I enjoy.  I much rather prefer being in the classroom with my students, but tomorrow is our History Department retreat. Twice a year, the department gathers together in […]

thanksgiving eats

Thanksgiving this year at the new house has been primarily stress free. Yes, there have been a few times when the holiday has gotten the best of me: a broken glass, mud on the wood floors, getting lost on our way to Walden Pond.  But overall I declare this Thanksgiving holiday at our house to […]

Vegan Banana Bread

What does one do with three over-ripened bananas? That was my dilemma the other evening. As I pulled the speckled peel down, I contemplated eating the three of them for dinner.  But, bananas for dinner didn’t seem to quite hit the spot.  I searched my refrigerator for an assortment of ingredients and chose to bake vegan banana […]


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