call me crazy?

Me + Henry = Flight to California Saturday

Uh oh!  I am about to undertake a solo cross-country flight with my 11 month old. Am I crazy? Yes and No.

No: This will be the fourth flight in Henry’s young life-span. We have already tackled a flight to Florida, Amsterdam, and California. We know the routine: check-in, boarding, flight, disembarking, baggage claim. We can rinse and repeat this routine like professionals! My packing lists help alleviate the stress of getting organized, and there is always plenty of toys and food to pull out of my magic bag. I have some new toys stowed away for the flight there and back and an arsenal of raspberries to keep my berry monster content.

Yes: Henry is WAY more active these days than when we took those earlier flights. I am not sure he will be content to sit and play the entire 6.5 hours in my lap. And, I won’t have my partner with me to troubleshoot the shrieks. David is AMAZING in general and specifically on flights. I am a nervous flyer, so David rocked Henry to sleep in the back by the flight attendants and David changed his diaper during turbulence, and David had extra hands to grab toys, food, binkies, and anything else that the little man might need. And, when I reached my capacity for wrestling Henry about David took over. I am most nervous about not having my partner with me. Six and half hours is a long time. You could watch 3 feature length movies or drive from Boston to Maryland! Perhaps, I will need to buy myself and everyone around me a glass of wine, or perhaps, Henry will see that it is just me and just him and we will have the most delightful flight cuddling and kissing and reading books and laughing.

Fingers crossed.


David knows his baby boy!

We waited and waited for those first independent steps and then last night, motivated by his woodland creature stuffed animals, Henry did it. He is not walking walking, but he is stepping off and maybe traversed 10 feet solo.  Not bad for his first flight. Watching this little man grow, play, and explore has been the most beautiful gift. Maybe, just maybe, I am ready for this next chapter of his babyhood.

my health challenge 04


The 21Day Fix Challenge begins. How did today start? With a Shakeology of course! It was pretty good coupled with some hard boiled eggs. I have work to do at school this morning so I am planning to do the first workout once Henry hits the hay this evening. My meals are packed in their perfectly portioned Beach Body containers and I am actually really excited about this. My bestie, Kaelin, asked this morning how I was feeling about the food portion of this challenge. And at first I was really scared about being hungry, but looking over the food, I realize that it is actually a lot of food just not maybe what I usually crave like eggplant parmigiana. So I don’t think I will be starving but I just might not LOVE eating super clean for the first few days. Regardless, I am excited and super happy that “past weekend Melissa” bought all the food for this week to start this program right! I even had an iced coffee this morning sans all sweeteners and creams. Who am I?

And did I mention my bestie, Kellyanne is also starting today!?  She inspired me with her running to do this health challenge and now she is joining me in doing the health challenge as well. What an inspiration she is!! It feels SO good having someone doing it alongside me so we can motivate each other (and vent and complain, if needed).

So here it is. I am feeling a bit vulnerable about this, but it is the obligatory Day 1 photo shoot ala guest bathroom (see the little baby tub in the corner? On a side note, we FINALLY got Henry to tub in the regular bath and out of his baby tub Woo Hoo). Okay so here we go officially!

my health challenge 03

Whew! One week complete. At times, I was really hating the fact that I started this whole thing. Now that school is officially over though and there is more “free” time available each day, it feels more natural to tackle this challenge. I say “free” because when you are 24/7 hanging out with an 11 month old, you are not just chilling on the couch.

Nap times have turned into my beast mode. From the second that sweet little guy rests his head on the mattress to the second he twirls about in the crib to wake up, I am go go go. The morning nap is dedicated to house chores: cooking lunch and dinner (yup, dinner is prepped and ready to go at like 8AM!), laundry, cleaning, tying up loose ends with school work, playing with the pups, watering the grass (I ripped up our front yard last week and am trying to start that ugly patch over again), and any other odd job that comes up. If I am lucky, there is about 10 minutes of down time before the peanut wakes. The second nap in the afternoon is dedicated to my work out. I squeeze in the 30 minute daily exercise I promised myself even though I am usually ready for my own nap by then. What will I do when Henry goes down to just one nap a day!?!?

This week’s exercises have been great. From yoga fusion to jogging to a boot camp class in the park led by my friend, I am feeling ready to begin the 21 day fix on Monday. My grocery list is ready to go to cover the nutrition portion of the challenge and the DVDs are keyed up as well. I am little nervous about officially starting the program especially the nutrition part. I tried a Shakeology the other day and was not the biggest fan. Perhaps some mix-ins will help make it tastier?  I have one weekend left until this health challenge kicks it up a notch. Here we go!

Once upon a nursing…

after 11 months, Henry has decided to move along. No matter how much I begged, pouted, and pleaded for a few more months, weeks, or even days, Henry was ready to make the big switch. It breaks my heart because now he really is a little boy,and while he will always be my baby, this is a big step away from babyhood. 

I am proud of him. He weaned when he was ready and it was a smooth transition to a sippy cup and regular milk. I am proud to have nursed him for 11 months. When I went back to work after 8 weeks, I doubted my ability to maintain and sustain my end of the nursing relationship. But here we are! I am sad though for it to end, sad to say good bye to our cuddles, to our snuggles, and to that intimate bond. Henry seems happily none the different for switching his hydration means over to a sippy cup. I just need to process my own emotions and feelings of being “broken up with.” But I am thankful for these eleven months and the bond we shared and the memories I will always carry for these early days of nursing my little baby. 


my health challenge 02

it has been a little over 48 hours since the health challenge commenced.

How is it going you ask?

Pretty well.

So far I have reached my goal of exercising everyday. And surprisingly, I really look forward to that time of the day. It feels good getting ready for it, it feels good while I sweat it out, and it feels good when I finish. Tonight is going to be a little hard to coordinate a slot of exercise time since my parents are coming over for dinner, Henry’s laundry has been calling me from the dryer for two days now, and I have a little prep work to do before a mommy get-together on Friday, BUT no excuses. I will carve out my 30 minutes and get it done.

And then the end of the school year is the worst time to start a health challenge I found out yesterday. A parade of cannolis, cakes, chocolate covered strawberries, and pizza whirled about the faculty room. I would walk in to grab a photocopy and have to wrestle myself away from these delectable treats. After successfully avoiding the sweet treats on my first pass, I became a little over confident. A rationale person would have avoided the the faculty room for the rest of the day. I, on the other hand, found various small, insignificant reasons to return to tempt myself so I could relive that “high” of walking away. Who am I?!?! This flaunting of the devil bit me. I stole away in between school and a work event to grab an early dinner at Sweet Greens with coworkers (another triumphant decision) and after eating the leaves when my coworker suggested stopping in for a mini cupcake at Sweet, I had used all my fortitude up for the day and savored that delicious morsel like a criminal out on furlough. Oops! But hey it is all about success, not perfection! What would have normally derailed me though has only made me more determined to kick it up a notch. Here’s to another go at it!