spicy sausage & arugala naan pizza

10 weeks.  That’s all that is possibly left until we meet out little guy.  In some ways, 10 weeks still feels luxurious and distant and in other instances it feels like a blink away. Of course we are excited for the day to come but there is always so much on the “to-do” list.  Regardless […]

family celebration, vacation, and babymoon

Last week was a wonderful celebration!  My mom and dad invited all of us to join them on a Disney Cruise of the Caribbean for their 40th wedding anniversary. Planned a year in advance, it is hard to believe that we just finished this magical time together.  We were so lucky to partake in this […]

vegetable barley soup

Last night David and I were set to watch a marathon of Homeland.  Finally realizing that our local library could save us a great deal of time and money, we have started to borrow television series instead of splurging on them ourselves. We donned our pajamas and curled up on the couch together each with […]

roasted chicken and root vegetables

The picture associated with this meal does not do it justice. I should have taken the shot before David carved the chicken, but the smells of the delicious meal had permeated the house for 90 minutes and we were ravenous to begin dinner. The chicken’s photo shoot was rushed but boy oh boy did we […]

spicy pork & mustard green soup

My cravings primarily come in two categories: salty and spicy. I find myself picking the spiciest item on the menu or adding drizzles of Sriracha sauce to everything (including my lunchtime salads!). This little dude has a “hot” tooth and I find myself giving in to it every day.  Thankfully,David already was a spicy food […]

paella & pregnant winters

The Winter is a beautiful season in New England. Snow covers the trees, streets, and yards of every home, while people huddle with loved ones and friends to stay warm. The sun shines brightly most days with clear blue skies, but the temperatures remind you that winter prefers for you to stay indoors or to […]

beef empanada

My History Department is pretty special. We come together not only for meetings on curriculum and lesson planning, but for dinners, and holiday and birthday celebrations.  During one of our off-campus gatherings, Yolanda hosted and made a number a delicious dishes.  This beef empanada dish was inspired by the one she served us! 1 lb […]

soy-braised short ribs with sugar snap peas

I love three day weekends!  It would be amazing to have one every weekend. Three days is just enough time to fully recharge one’s battery, check off items from the to-do list, and, for teachers, have time to grade without having to compromise on time with a loved one.  I had such a good weekend […]

semi-homemade baked ziti

Last night we rang in the New Year with our neighbors. It was so much fun hanging out, playing charades, and just spending time together. David and I have always said we are incredibly lucky to have moved into our neighborhood. We instantly made friends with those around us and were welcomed in. Last night […]

pappardelle with pumpkin and caramelized onions

On Saturday morning, we woke up to find that our furnace had stopped working. David headed up into the attic (that’s right our furnace is in the attic!), to see if the pilot light went out.  Forty minutes later, we still could not figure out how to get the furnace moving again. It was chilly […]


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