January 16, 2013:

Funny how the original plan for a blog changes after you sit down and commit to writing. I have found myself truly enjoying writing little snapshots of life here in a collection. It has been a creative outlet, a place to reflect on appreciation, and a running list of some yummy (veggie-ful) meals. I hope blogging about the odds and ends of daily existence in my corner of earth could inspire conversation, inspire community, and, even perhaps if I am lucky, help me keep working on my own identity.  It is just so fun. Now if only I could pick a theme to stick with, but 7 months in, I am enjoying where this is going, where I am taking it, and where it is taking me….Melissa.

June 7, 2012:

I am a local High School History Teacher.  This past year has seen many changes in my day to day.  Just 13 months ago I married my best friend and love, David.  Just 2 months ago we bought a house. And just 1 week ago, I decided that I wanted to make more meaning of my summer vacation. I have blogged fairly unsuccessfully in the past and perhaps that was because my blog had no real purpose, vision, or  topic. To give more depth and structure to my summer vacation from school, I am going to attempt to stay off the couch and out of the AC and embrace my new neighborhood through some volunteering, organic living, cooking, reflecting, and exploring. Here is to meeting this goal!

8 thoughts on “About

  1. I just found your blog today… much like you I blog inconsistantly and really never have one topic i am all over the place looking for the me inside of me. I have started a “food” project and that will help me blog more consistanly. I love your pictures and your blog keep it up… you have another fan and follower :)

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