first cookout of the season

I took the day off in order to rest and rejuvenate after an emotional end of the work week on Friday. Migraines and insomnia all weekend, cemented my decision about staying home and getting rest on Monday. I think once my body knew that I was not going into work, it finally relaxed and gave me […]

poetry month and processing the boston marathon bombing

April is national poetry month. I have dabbled in poetry from time to time but have not produced anything that gave me pause. Thankfully, my school honors the month each year by exposing our little community to live poetry readings by local poets. A part of the school for four years, I have come to […]

mango cucumber salad

David has been outside this morning picking out the field of dandelions that plague our yard and pruning back the holly and juniper bushes.  Spring cleaning is up and running after a quick trip to Lowe’s to buy some pruning sheers, gardening bags, and gloves. While David enjoyed his zen-like garden work, I threw together […]

lockdown in boston

This week has been painful, difficult, alarming, and frightening since the Boston Marathon Bombing on Monday.  I cannot imagine being a victim or a family member to a victim as they must be living a nightmare. Not being directly effected is still harrowing. Waking up this morning to the manhunt that is ongoing in and […]

boston marathon explosions

Waking up this morning felt surreal.  Could those explosions at the Boston Marathon have been real!?!  Yes. Those shocking, devastating, horrific explosions were real, haunting, numbing, and disturbingly real. Boston has been my home for the past 10 years and everyday I am proud to call myself a Bostonian. Yesterday was scary and while I […]

saying goodbye to my family dog

I noticed that there were two missed calls on my phone from my dad. A bit alarmed, I called him back immediately curious and apprehensive. “There is some bad news I need to share with you,” he said.  His voice sounded pained. Someone was dying, I just knew it. “Chloe is at the vet right […]

ham and leek “casserole”

Somehow this odd recipe has made its way into our rotation. I never thought David would like it since dijon mustard is mixed in along with a touch of cream cheese.  These are two ingredients that independently outrage David’s palette. Yet, somehow combined with leeks, broth, and ham, he now asks for me to make these […]


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