weeknight pasta & meat sauce

There is nothing better than homemade meat sauce from scratch. But cooking up a pot of that good stuff on a weeknight is impossible. On a typical night, David and I get home by 6PM and are ready to tear through the cupboards.  Not wanting to fill up on chips, cheese, and other random pantry […]

new car smell

Holy Doodle!!!!!  We bought a new car.  During the Friday commute home, I turned to David and asked “Do you want to do something crazy?” So there we were on Saturday morning at our local Toyota dealership ready to test drive the redesigned 2013 Rav4. We walked in and steeled ourselves for what would inevitably […]

mfa, boston

Sadly, today was the last weekday of Spring Break. How did I spend it?  Out and about, of course! Despite being sick with a sore throat, cold, and a touch of a fever, I bundled up, drove David into work, and grabbed Skye for a day in Boston. Starting the relaxing day at Flour Bakery, […]

cream cheese & cucumber sandwich

I am obsessed.  At 10AM, I am already craving lunchtime. Since visiting my sister-in-law in California and snacking on these sandwiches with her, I am now fully committed to eating these each day. Standing in the bakery of Whole Foods this morning, I contemplated which bread I should indulge in.  If I am going to […]

spring break

March has become my favorite month of the school year. Why?  It is a month of excellent transition. Not only from Winter to Spring, but from the second trimester to the third. It is a clear turning point in the school year. When March begins Winter engulfs Boston, yet by the last week of the […]


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