final assessments

As a school with trimesters, the first set of final exams is upon us.  Classes meet for two out of the three terms making the month of February totally quirky.  Classes end, finals are given, but the school year is not quite over yet, huh? As part of the school winds down, other classes gear […]

what i read and what i thought

I can’t believe I just finished it!! Reading for pleasure during the school year is practically impossible, but when a friend passed along this book to me and said, “I cannot tell you anything about it but that is was amazing,” I knew I needed to make an exception. Each night I would come home with my […]

parmesan garlic baked chicken wings

Tonight is the Academy Awards show and David and I are pre-gaming the red carpet event with some delicious baked chicken wings. In Michael Pollan’s 7 Rules for Eating, he encourages his readers to indulge in junk food, as long as they make it themselves at home.  Instead of ordering in greasy fried chicken wings, […]

coq au vin

Mmmm cooking with wine is amazing.  The flavor is heightened and even a novice cook like myself can turn a meal into a culinary “masterpiece.” This time of year is blur and cooking is often the last item on my never-ending to-do list. As the second term comes to end, students frantically finish projects, essays, and gear […]

modified pasta carbonara

When I lived in Parma, Italy, I ate a ton of pasta. At first, I did not notice how much of the delicious starch I was ingesting. The wheels of the 757 skidded to a stop at the Florence airport and the walk off the plane was the first of many long walks through the […]


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